Nicholas Bouchard

Nick is Unito’s Marketing Copywriter and Resident Word Man. He worked as a freelance writer around his day jobs for three years before joining up with Unito. His hobbies range from writing fiction to slamming folks around the wrestling ring.
A folder holding three sheets of paper representing project management reports

6 Essential Project Management Reports (And 10 Tools You Can Use)

Project management reports help PMs keep stakeholders in the know. They can cover resource allocation, potential blockers, and more. Learn more about these essential reports and tools that can make them easier to build.

Logos for ClickUp, Trello, Asana, and Airtable, with the words Custom Tool Stack in bold.

Case Study: How Students and Collaborators Can Use Unito To Build a Custom Tool Stack

“Unito features are crucial to getting data across tool barriers without jumping through hoops.” – Erica Hawkins, Full-Stack Web Development Student

Logos for ClickUp and Jira.

Give Everyone an Eye on Product Work With Unito’s Jira-ClickUp Integration

When you use Unito to integrate ClickUp with Jira, you’re giving your product team the ability to break out of their silos. Here’s how it’s done.

A graphic representing Asana's portfolio view.

4 Ways Managers and Leaders can use Asana Portfolios

Asana’s portfolios give you a way to track status reports, workload, and timelines from multiple projects at once. Here’s how it works.

How to Use Notion

How To Use Notion When You’re a Total Beginner

Learn how to use Notion, a flexible work management tool that can become a database, Kanban board, Gantt chart, and more.

Logos for GitHub and Unito

GitHub’s Jira Integration vs. Unito’s GitHub-Jira Integration

Software teams often find themselves stretched between Jira and GitHub. Here’s how GitHub’s own integration fares compared to ours.

A series of chat bubbles, representing the best business chat apps in 2021.

The 5 Best Business Chat Apps in 2021

Is email instant enough for you? Then you won’t need a chat app. But if you want the digital equivalent of reaching over and poking your coworker for their input, you need a chat app. Here are some of the best to choose from in 2021.

An open book with a magnifying glass, heart and pencil, representing marketing terms

50 Marketing Terms You Need To Know in 2021

Just heard a marketing term you’re not familiar with? You’re sure to find it in this list of 50 terms you need to know.

A whiteboard with covered with post-its under to-do, Work in Progress, and Complete headings

How To Set Up an Asynchronous Daily Scrum With Airtable and Unito

Tired of hearing about what everyone else is doing first thing in the morning? Here’s how you can set up an asynchronous daily scrum with Airtable and Unito.

Logos for Chromatic, Asana, and GitHub, representing the Chromatic case study

Case Study: How Chromatic Uses Unito To Streamline Open-Source Development

“Unito is a time-saver for engineers who work on several projects. They can see everything assigned to them in Asana without having to go hunt and peck in GitHub.” – Amanda Martinez, Engineering Manager.

The word love, with the letter O replaced by a heart with rainbow colors, representing diversity

Modern Workplaces Can Be Tough For LGBTQ+ People — Here’s Why and What Can Be Done

Unito believes that diversity is strength. But members of the LGBTQ+ community still face challenges at work. Here are ways you can help them now, and paths for what still needs to happen.