The Unito Blog: Your Go-to Resource for Better Collaboration

The Unito Blog: Your Go-to Resource for Better Collaboration

Unito use cases, project management tips, and productivity advice for teams and leaders who want to do more while working less.
Logos for Asana,, and Unito, representing a two-way sync between Asana and

How to Sync Tasks between and Asana

Your teams can’t agree on whether they should be using Asana or Here’s how you can still keep everyone’s work in sync using Unito’s two-way integration.

A robot vacuum, representing a blog post about automating spreadsheets.

4 Ways You Can Automate Your Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are powerful on their own, but you can do so much more with them with the right automation. Here are four ways you can transform your workflows with automated spreadsheets.

A woman writing on a clipboard representing the project proposal blog post

What Is A Project Proposal? (And How To Write One)

Have a great idea for a project, but it needs to go through a few stakeholders first? That’s when you need a project proposal. Here’s how you can write your own.

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How to Automatically Create Follow-up Tasks in From a CRM in Notion

Your sales team uses for their tasks but your CRM is in Notion? Here’s how you can keep everything in sync with Unito’s two-way integration.

The Trello logo in a selection box, representing the Trello templates blog post.

The 15 Best Free Trello Templates for Project Management, Team Management, And More

Trello is so easy to use that it’s hard to know where to start. When you need a way to track your meetings, manage your tasks, run projects, it can all seem like too much. So why not start with one of these templates?

A person going up an escalator, representing a scalable business.

What Is a Scalable Business? (And How You Can Build One)

If you’re building a business, you need to make sure it’s scalable. Otherwise it’ll struggle the moment you hit a speed bump. Here’s how you can build a scalable business, no matter what industry you’re in.

Airtable logos, representing the Airtable alternatives blog post.

The Top 6 Alternatives to Airtable

Want a flexible spreadsheet tool that isn’t Airtable? Here’s our breakdown of the best alternatives to this popular tool, including Google Sheets, Notion, and more.

Logos for Asana and Trello, representing the Asana vs. Trello blog post

Asana vs. Trello: Which Project Management Tool Is Best for Your Team?

In this matchup, you’ll need to consider how each app manages tasks, how simple they are to learn, and how much they’ll cost you. Here’s our full breakdown.

Airtable Trello 2-way Sync

How to Sync Trello Cards with Airtable Records

Learn how to sync Trello cards with Airtable records through Unito’s two-way no-code integration for professionals.

Logos for Slack and Trello, represnting how to create Trello cards from Slack.

How To Create Trello Cards From Slack (2 Methods)

Losing a lot of time jumping back and forth between Trello and Slack? Here are two ways you can create Trello cards from Slack.

Logos for Airtable, Unito, and Notion, representing our guide to syncing Airtable and Notion.

How to Sync Notion Tables With Airtable Bases Using Unito

In this guide, you’ll learn how to sync records from Airtable with pages in Notion using Unito. All to help your teams work that much better.