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The Weekly Status Report: What It’s for and How It’s Done (With Templates)

A weekly status report helps keep teams aligned, stakeholders informed, and projects moving smoothly. Here’s how to make yours work.

An illustration of a robot with an abacus.

The 10 Best AI Marketing Tools for Teams That Need To Do More With Less

The best AI marketing tools can help your team save tons of time on creating content, prowling social media, and more. Here are some of the best.

How to Sync Issues Between GitHub Repositories

Here’s how to copy and sync, or mirror, GitHub issues between repositories with Unito’s 2-way integration for software development teams.

The Customer Engagement Metrics You Need to Measure

Customer engagement metrics like churn rate, conversion rate, and more help your business track how effective different initiatives are.

An illustration of a scale, with a bunch of unhappy people on one side and a single satisfied person on the other.

Project Collaboration: A Definition and a Step-by-Step Guide

By actively looking into your project collaboration process, you can help teams get more done, be more efficient, and keep stakeholders happy.

The Notion logo, representing how to link databases in Notion.

How to Link Databases in Notion (2 Different Methods)

Need to know how you can link databases in Notion? You can either do it with a built-in Notion feature, or with a little help from Unito.

Unito Product Updates

Unito Product Updates: A Master List

An ongoing list of all the updates, big and small, made to Unito.

Outlook Wrike Integration

How (And Why) You Should Connect Microsoft Outlook to Wrike

Here’s how to quickly connect Wrike to Microsoft Outlook without a single line of code to get a shared calendar or sync tasks + events.

An illustration of hands passing keys, representing the project closeout.

How to Successfully Closeout a Project and Why It’s Important

With a project closeout, project managers can make sure project deliverables go to the right place, and take a project’s lessons and roll them out to future initiatives.

An illustration of a rocket in a snowglobe, representing the project management workflow.

What Is a Project Management Workflow?

A project management workflow is essential for keeping your projects in-scope and on-budget. Here’s how to build yours.

A screenshot of a woman under dialog boxes, representing customer communications management.

How Customer Communications Management Can Help Your Business Thrive

Customer communications management allows you to standardize and streamline all customer-facing messaging. Here’s how it works.