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Managing projects is a tough gig. You need the right tools, mindset, and skillset. In this category, you’ll get articles on all of this.

How to Quickly Connect ClickUp to Asana with 2-Way Sync

Here’s how anyone on your team can sync tasks between Asana and ClickUp with a no-code 2-way integration that updates in real-time.

How to Connect Asana to Basecamp in a No-Code 2-Way Integration

Here’s how you can integrate Asana and Basecamp with 2-way sync without having to write script or code of any kind.

The Notion logo, representing how to link databases in Notion.

How to Link Databases in Notion (2 Different Methods)

Need to know how you can link databases in Notion? You can either do it with a built-in Notion feature, or with a little help from Unito.

Featured image showing logos for and Notion, representing syncing tasks between tools with Unito

How to Sync Tasks in to Notion Pages Automatically with 2-Way Updates

Your sales team uses for their tasks but your CRM is in Notion? Here’s how you can keep everything in sync with Unito’s two-way integration.

How to Connect and Asana with Automated 2-Way Sync

Here’s how to keep teams in sync between and Asana with Unito’s no-code 2-way integration.

An illustration of elements found in PPC report templates, like numbers and a bar graph.

7 Free PPC Reporting Templates

A PPC Report communicates campaign performance, ROI, and more. Here’s how you can build a report that answers all these questions in no time.

Airtable's logo, representing a post about airtable automations.

How To Use Airtable Automations To Get More Out of Your Bases (2 Methods)

Sick of entering data into Airtable manually? Here are two methods for streamlining this process with Airtable automations.

A robot reaching for a Notion logo, representing Notion automations.

Notion Automations: What They Are and How To Get the Best

Here’s a full breakdown of Notion automations, from how you can get one to how you can find the best opportunities to automate your Notion workflows.

Featured image illustrating a step-by-step guide on syncing Asana to Microsoft Excel through Unito, depicted by the connected logos through circles and dotted lines.

How to Easily Export and Sync Asana to Microsoft Excel With Automated 2-Way Updates

Learn how to export Asana to Microsoft Excel with 2-way automated updates through Unito’s no-code integration for project managers.

Project deliverables

Project Deliverables: What They Are and How to Scope Them

As a project manager, you’re probably used to throwing around the term deliverables on a daily basis. But do you and your team really understand what they are or how to craft them?

A woman writing on a clipboard representing the project proposal blog post

What Is A Project Proposal? (And How To Write One)

Have a great idea for a project, but it needs to go through a few stakeholders first? That’s when you need a project proposal. Here’s how you can write your own.