The most powerful Jira-GitHub integration

Integrate Jira and GitHub to build powerful two-way development workflows. Sync, issues, issue type, assignees, comments, milestone due dates, and more to streamline collaboration across product teams and developers.

How this integration works

What can you sync between Jira and GitHub?

Title Two-way sync arrow Title
Description Two-way sync arrow Description footer
Comments Two-way sync arrow Comments
Attachments One way sync arrow (right) Description footer
Due date One way sync arrow (left) Milestone due date
Labels Two-way sync arrow Labels
Status Two-way sync arrow State
Issue type One way sync arrow (left) Issue type

For a complete list on how we can connect your Jira and GitHub workflows visit our guide .

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How Unito works

Design your workflow

Add blocks of work to represent your projects, then draw flows between them so your work data knows where to go.

Control the flow of information

Tailor your workflow with Unito’s rules. Only need work items with a specific assignee to be included? Rules can help you filter items by assignee, label, and more.

Customize your field mappings

Similar fields are matched by default, but you can customize Unito to fit your use case. With custom field mappings, you could map labels exactly as you need them across tools, map similar custom fields, and more.

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