Evan LePage

For the past 9 years I've been working at some of the most forward-thinking, marketing-savvy organizations in Canada. I am presently the Senior Content Manager and head of the marketing direct team at Unito.io, where we're hoping to enable better visibility and alignment across tools and teams.
Salesforce integration

Unsilo Your CRM: Unito’s Salesforce Integration Has Arrived

Unito now offers the deepest two-way integrations for Salesforce, empowering you to unsilo your CRM and build bridges across teams and tools.

Unito Product Updates

Unito Product Updates: A Master List

An ongoing list of all the updates, big and small, made to Unito.

What is a webhook

What is a Webhook? A Beginner’s Guide

A webhook might sound like something Spiderman uses to defeat the Green Goblin, but it’s actually a fundamental part of how lots of web apps interact.

Teamwork-GitHub Integration Webinar

Free Webinar: Integrating Teamwork and GitHub with Unito

Learn what Unito is, how it can be used to build a two-way flow between Teamwork and GitHub, and popular use cases for this integration.

Spring Clean Your Workflows with Unito’s Newest Integrations

Unito is introducing three new integrations — Microsoft Azure DevOps, Favro, and MeisterTask — to help you connect even more of your essential tools.

Remote work flexible scheduling

The Pandemic Made Us Rethink Work. We’re Never Going Back.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the changes Unito made during the pandemic and why we’ve decided to make them permanent.

Working Hand-in-Hand With the New and Improved Trello (and You)!

Trello just announced a ton of new features to help users hit the productivity big leagues. We dive into these features and show you how they can be made more powerful with Unito.

Top management tools

Essential Management Tools for 2021

After an incredibly challenging year in 2020, managers have been forced to rely on digital management tools more than ever. But while many were thrust into a new way of working overnight, you now have the luxury to take a step back and consider which tools will make your work life easier.

Hope International Case Study

Case Study: Bridging the Gap Between Project Management and IT Ticketing

“Unito gives better visibility to executives and projects managers. It enables us to have more clarity in our reporting and enables collaboration between project teams.” – Chris Adams, IT Administrator at Hope International

Case study 7 River Systems ClickUp Jira

Case Study: How 7 River Systems Uses Unito and ClickUp to Collaborate with Clients

“The most tangible result of using Unito is productivity. We bring more value to our clients because we’re not eating budgeted time copying and pasting updates.” – Paul Pasquale, Founder of 7 River Systems

Learning Bird Case Study

Case Study: How Learning Bird Used Unito to Exponentially Increase the Value of Trello

“From a management point of view, Unito is incredible. It improves how I manage each person individually, and I can manage the entire team with a fraction of the effort it used to take.” – Louis Beauregard, Director of Operations and Product at Learning Bird

Julie Jeanotte, OfficeVibe

Officevibe’s Julie Jeannotte on Improving Collaboration with Relational Intelligence

Officevibe’s Julie Jeannotte, in her role as Employee Engagement Expert and Lead Researcher, has found the right formula for improving remote collaboration, and it relies on relational intelligence.