Evan LePage

Evan is Unito’s former Senior Content Manager. A journalist-turned-marketer, he’s spent 10 years poring over ledes and arguing about sentence case vs. title case. When away from the computer, you could probably find him with a fishing rod in hand or hiking a tall mountain.
Remote work flexible scheduling

The Pandemic Made Us Rethink Work. We’re Never Going Back.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the changes Unito made during the pandemic and why we’ve decided to make them permanent.

Working Hand-in-Hand With the New and Improved Trello (and You)!

Trello just announced a ton of new features to help users hit the productivity big leagues. We dive into these features and show you how they can be made more powerful with Unito.

Julie Jeanotte, OfficeVibe

Officevibe’s Julie Jeannotte on Improving Collaboration with Relational Intelligence

Officevibe’s Julie Jeannotte, in her role as Employee Engagement Expert and Lead Researcher, has found the right formula for improving remote collaboration, and it relies on relational intelligence.

Corine Tan Sike Insights

Konas’ Corine Tan on the Importance of Soft Skills for Remote Management

We spoke with Corine Tan about how perceptions of remote work have changed and why she feels soft skills are the key to remote management success.

A headshot of Elizabeth Harrin, creator of Rebel's Guide to PM

Rebel’s Guide to PM Creator Elizabeth Harrin on Remote Project Management

Elizabeth Harrin is the blogger behind the award-winning project management blog, RebelsGuideToPM.com. We wanted to know more about Elizabeth’s day-to-day, whether she thinks COVID-19 has changed project management, and what she believes the future holds for project managers.

Cracking the Code of Cross-Functional Collaboration

Free Webinar: Cracking the Code of Cross-Functional Collaboration

How can you make sure your teams are working together effectively? Join us for a webinar discussion, where our panel of experts will provide key insights and tips.

A name tag labelled hello my name is video editor.

Want to Make Your Org Chart Useful? Try Areas of Responsibility (AoRs)

How often have you reached out to the head of a team with a question, only to have them redirect you to someone else? This kind of thing is extremely common, and over the course of weeks and months adds up to a lot of wasted time. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: Areas of Responsibility (AoRs).

A laptop with a split screen, representing hybrid meetings

Is Your Team Only Partially Remote? Here’s How to Run Effective Hybrid Meetings

If you can accept that the future of work will be partially remote, then you can prepare your business for the new challenges it will face. Among those challenges is the frustration caused by hybrid meetings.


OKR: How to Use Objectives and Key Results (With a Template + Examples)

If you want everyone on the team to know, understand, and be inspired by your business objectives, you might want to consider using OKRs.

Remote Manager Handbook

The Remote Manager’s Handbook

This handbook includes tool recommendations and a remote management checklist that breaks down key steps you should take daily, weekly, and long term as you lead your remote team.

Darren Murph on Remote Company Culture

GitLab’s Darren Murph on Building Remote Company Culture

Darren Murph knows a lot about remote work. As the Head of Remote at GitLab, he’s responsible for helping employees acclimate to the company’s all-remote culture. We thought we’d tap into Murph’s expertise to answer some of the most common questions about remote company culture.