Author: Evan LePage

Remote Manager Handbook

The Remote Manager’s Handbook

This handbook includes tool recommendations and a remote management checklist that breaks down key steps you should take daily, weekly, and long term as you lead your remote team.

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Darren Murph on Remote Company Culture

GitLab’s Darren Murph on Building Remote Company Culture

Darren Murph knows a lot about remote work. As the Head of Remote at GitLab, he’s responsible for helping employees acclimate to the company’s all-remote culture. We thought we’d tap into Murph’s expertise to answer some of the most common questions about remote company culture.

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Remote work with Unito

Hacking Remote Work with Unito

From opening up new channels of communication across your organization, to automating how progress is shared on important initiatives, Unito’s two-way integrations create a slew of opportunities that will allow you to excel in a work-from-home environment.

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