Remote Manager Handbook
The Remote Manager’s Handbook
Remote Manager Handbook

The Remote Manager’s Handbook

In the Remote Manager’s Handbook, you’ll discover:

  • The main differences between managing an in-office team and managing a remote team
  • Common challenges facing remote managers
  • 9 principles for effective remote management
  • Remote management tools, including workflow management platforms
  • Remote hiring and onboarding insights
  • And more!

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Whether they intended to or not, managers across the world now find themselves leading remote teams. This transition can be difficult, especially for those who have worked in office environments for their entire career.

A remote manager doesn’t have the automatic contact and touchpoints they’d get when sitting only a few feet away from their team. This can lead to less visibility and a tougher time keeping everyone aligned. But all of these challenges can be overcome.

And on the flip side, there are advantages to managing a distributed team. People are often more productive at home and appreciate the flexibility of remote work. Arming yourself with the right remote work tools is critical.

As a manager, you need to overcome these remote work challenges and empower your team so they can make the most of the WFH situation. For example, arming yourself with the right remote work tools for your team. With this in mind, we’ve put together the Remote Manager’s Handbook to help you be an effective remote leader for your business. 

This handbook includes tool recommendations and a remote management checklist that breaks down key steps you should take daily, weekly, and long term as you lead your remote team.

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