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Evan is Unito’s former Senior Content Manager. A journalist-turned-marketer, he’s spent 10 years poring over ledes and arguing about sentence case vs. title case. When away from the computer, you could probably find him with a fishing rod in hand or hiking a tall mountain.
Darren Murph on Remote Company Culture

GitLab’s Darren Murph on Building Remote Company Culture

Darren Murph knows a lot about remote work. As the Head of Remote at GitLab, he’s responsible for helping employees acclimate to the company’s all-remote culture. We thought we’d tap into Murph’s expertise to answer some of the most common questions about remote company culture.

Remote work with Unito

Hacking Remote Work with Unito

From opening up new channels of communication across your organization, to automating how progress is shared on important initiatives, Unito’s two-way integrations create a slew of opportunities that will allow you to excel in a work-from-home environment.

Joshua Zerkel - Head of Global Community at Asana

An Interview with Asana’s Head of Global Community, Joshua Zerkel

McKinsey estimates word-of-mouth to be the primary factor in between 20-50% of purchasing decisions. Community building can help your business create an army of advocates who spread that word-of-mouth across the globe. Just ask Joshua Zerkel, Head of Global Community at Asana.

Managing a Remote Team

Free Webinar: Managing a Remote Team

In this webinar, you’ll learn how managing a remote team differs from managing a team in-office, and tips for handling the challenges of remote management.

virtual conferences

Attending a Virtual Conference for the First Time? 5 Experts Share Their Tips

Virtual conferences have been rising in popularity for years now, but with the emergence of COVID-19, they have exploded as an industry necessity. Here are tips for first-time attendees.

Remote tech stack webinar

Free Webinar: Building Your Company’s Remote Work Tool Stack

In the last few days, hundreds of thousands of people have suddenly become remote workers. This webinar will help you prepare your tools for the transition.

PieSync CEO Ewout Meyns on the future of integration

PieSync CEO Ewout Meyns on the Future of Integration and Collaboration

We spoke with PieSync’s founder and CEO Ewout Meyns about the future of workplace collaboration, and how integration is becoming an essential tool for businesses navigating this era of SaaS tool dominance.

Unito Series A Funding Announcement

Big News! Unito’s New Funding, New Partnerships, and New Features

We’ve raised a Series A funding round of $10.5 million led by Bessemer Venture Partners to support our efforts to unite work.

Infographic Header

We Analyzed the Behavior of 100,000 Unito Users. Here’s What We Learned.

We took a look at the behavior of nearly 100,000 users in 4,000 companies, including some 35,000 tasks and 16 million (yes, million!) changes, and identified some interesting data points and trends.

Effective meetings

Tips for Effective Meetings we Learned from Reading 100 articles.

We read and analyzed 100 articles about running better meetings. We’ve picked out six of the most common tips which are sure to improve your meetings, as well as three out-of-the-box ideas that are definitely worth a shot.

tools for marketing project managers

Essential Tools for Marketing Project Managers

Most PMs spend their days jumping in and out of countless tools to keep campaigns organized and on schedule, to make sure teams are communicating, and to drive home the importance of collaboration. To help you with this challenge, we’ve honed in on six essential tools for marketing project managers.