How to pick agency tools
Free Ebook: How to Pick the Right Agency Tools
How to pick agency tools

Free Ebook: How to Pick the Right Agency Tools

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • The key difference between tool adoption and tool usage
  • The qualities of a good agency tools
  • How integration, and specifically two-way sync, solves the software dilemma faced by agencies
  • Specific agency tools that check all of the boxes

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Your agency has just landed a new client. Fantastic! Time to dive into their first major project. You host a kick-off meeting and start plotting tasks and milestones. When it comes time to enter them into your project management tool, you get hit with a curveball: you and the client use different software.

Now you have a choice to make. Do you try to convince them to switch to your agency tools? Do you suck it up and switch to theirs? Do you each keep your own software and just copy and paste everything, all the time? Or do you just tell them you’ll handle it and they don’t have to worry about it?

This is a challenge that agencies face every day, and the truth is that none of these is the right answer. There’s a better way to collaborate with your clients. It relies on picking the right tools, specifically those with integration capabilities.

Our ebook, “The Agency Technology Dilemma: How to Pick the Right Tools For You and Your Clients,” will show you how to spend less time debating what tools to use and more time collaborating with your clients. 

Discover how to pick the right tools for your agency