The 11 Best Hubspot Chrome Extensions (And They’re All Free!)
Hubspot Chrome Extensions
11 of the Best HubSpot Chrome Extensions and Add-Ons (and They’re All Free!)
Hubspot Chrome Extensions

11 of the Best HubSpot Chrome Extensions and Add-Ons (and They’re All Free!)

Marketing, sales, and customer service: HubSpot does it all. The tool is widely known for providing value at all stages of the customer lifecycle. But while HubSpot probably does a better job than most tools at meeting user needs, there are still a few missing spokes in that tire. Thankfully, Chrome extensions have emerged to target those specific holes, effectively closing the circle for HubSpot users. These are the best HubSpot Chrome extensions and add-ons you should know about. 

HubSpot Chrome extensions by HubSpot

HubSpot: Email Tracking and Sales CRM for Gmail

HubSpot's own Chrome extension

Always start at the source! HubSpot has built a couple of its own Chrome extensions that any user can find value in. This extension essentially brings much of HubSpot’s functionality into your Gmail account. You can connect your HubSpot CRM to your Gmail account and it will log emails, record interactions with contacts, and organize your communications. It also allows you to be more productive, by automating outreach or building and using email templates. And when those emails are sent, the HubSpot extension will track their performance, letting you know when the emails or attachments are opened, and when somebody clicks your link. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you work in HubSpot, there’s something in this Chrome extension for you. 

HubSpot Social

Hubspot social extension

The folks at HubSpot have recognized that part of being a good salesperson is providing value to your contacts. That value won’t always come in the form of the product you’re selling. Today, salespeople need to be active on social media if they’re going to build and maintain strong networks. With the HubSpot Social Chrome extension, you can draft social posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more, right from the website you’re visiting. To do so, you just need to click the extension icon, right click the webpage text you want to share, and select “Share Text via HubSpot.” Messaging can also be scheduled, allowing you to create consistent, active social profiles for your audience. 

HubSpot Chrome extensions by outside vendors

HubX (by Neambo)

HubX Chrome Extension

While HubSpot saves people a ton of time on sales and CRM tasks, you may find yourself spending a lot of time actually creating modules and groups. If you’re spending more time actually setting up HubSpot than using it, you might appreciate the HubX extension by Neambo. It allows you to copy groups and modules both within and between templates. It even has an optional dark theme, so you can give those tired eyes a break. 

LinkMatch: a HubSpot Chrome extension for LinkedIn profiles

LinkMatch for HubSpot

LinkedIn is undeniably one of the best sources of sales leads today. While HubSpot’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration allows you to pull information from the social network into your CRM, it’s a bit of a manual process. LinkMatch for HubSpot is a huge timesaver in this instance. It automatically shows you on LinkedIn which profiles are already captured in your HubSpot, and any data, emails, and other info associated with that contact. Then, when you come across a new profile you want to save to HubSpot, you can do so in one click. 

*LinkMatch has a 30-day free trial, but afterwards costs $14.99 per month per user.

HubChat – HubSpot Chrome extension integration for WhatsApp

HubChat Chrome Extension

As more and more people have moved into chat apps for their daily communications, countless sales teams still rely entirely on phone calls or emails to communicate with their contacts. Don’t get left behind. The HubChat HubSpot Chrome extension integrates the popular CRM with WhatsApp, one of the world’s largest chat tools. It allows you to send 1:1 messages or messages to your wider contacts list on WhatsApp, without ever leaving HubSpot. It also records WhatsApp conversations with contacts on your HubSpot timeline, so you have a record of what was said. 

Lead Connect: a HubSpot Chrome extension for LinkedIn outreach

LinkedIn has become one of the easiest ways to reach out to other professionals, whether you’re offering your services, selling a product, or just trying to connect. But instead of manually sending outreach messages, you can use Lead Connect, a HubSpot Chrome extension, to automate that process.

Cliently: a central hub for HubSpot

Wish you could do just a bit more with HubSpot? With Cliently’s HubSpot Chrome extension, you can keep your leads engaged with specialized outreach tactics, like personalized emails, video messages, physical postcards, and more. All this without leaving HubSpot.

Click2CRM: a HubSpot Chrome extension to automate contacts

Is putting contacts into HubSpot the slowest part of your workflow? Instead of constantly copying and pasting information over, you can use an extension like Click2CRM to automate this process. It works with all kinds of external tools, and it’ll save your salespeople a lot of headaches.

HubSpot eSignatures by GetAccept

HubSpot eSignatures Chrome extension

When you’re on the verge of closing a big deal, the last thing you want is for a printer or scanner malfunction to get in the way. With HubSpot eSignatures by GetAccept, you can quickly and easily send important documents, track them, and collect legally-binding electronic signatures. You can even add custom video presentations to explain the document, so the end user receives personalized service and feels more comfortable signing right away. And it’s not only good for sales documents; you can send company presentations, HR documents, and more. 

HubSpot Developer Extension

HubSpot developer extension

“I worked on a computer last night that didn’t have this extension and nearly cried.” So begins one of the reviews of the HubSpot Developer Extension. Created by and for HubSpot developers, this add-on adds shortcuts, testing tools, tips, and resources right within your browser. Whether you want a quicker way to access common query parameters or you want to give your eyes a break with a dark mode in the design manager, the HubSpot Developer Extension has it all.  

Unito: A HubSpot add-on for collaborative teams

Unito Hubspot Integration

While you might be happy to spend your entire day in HubSpot, most users don’t have that luxury. Sales and customer success teams will always end up collaborating with others across the organization to get work done. Whether you’re working with developers to fix a bug for a client or coordinating with marketing on a new discount campaign, you’ll always end up in situations where your collaborators don’t use HubSpot. Previously, this meant jumping out of your tool and into email or another work collaboration tool in order to get the work done. Unito makes that a thing of the past.

Connect HubSpot to popular tools like Trello, Jira, Asana, Zendesk, and more. Unito’s two-way integrations allow information to flow freely in both directions, meaning you never have to leave HubSpot to provide feedback, assign work, track progress, or communicate. This is the add-on to end all add-ons and HubSpot Chrome extensions.

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Pro tip: Unito or HubSpot’s Data Sync?

If you need to sync data from HubSpot to other tools, you have access to a built-in integration solution right in HubSpot: Data Sync. But does it really suit your needs? One of Data Sync’s main drawbacks is that all the data you want to sync has to go through HubSpot. Great for workflows that involve CRM data, but what about other workflows?