Evan LePage

Evan is Unito’s former Senior Content Manager. A journalist-turned-marketer, he’s spent 10 years poring over ledes and arguing about sentence case vs. title case. When away from the computer, you could probably find him with a fishing rod in hand or hiking a tall mountain.

10 Years of Project Management Tools

In the last 10 years, these productivity platforms have become essential parts of our day-to-day work. They keep us organized and on-task, make it easier to collaborate, and generally make us better at our jobs.

Marketing Assets

How We Created 100 Marketing Assets in 8 Hours

Our marketing team decided to go off the creativity deep end and create 100 marketing assets in a day. Here’s how we did it.

Managing multiple projects Trello

Free Webinar: Managing Multiple Client Projects with a Trello Master Board

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through this master board workflow. We’ll share a typical master board set up for freelancers or consultants, and show you how you can set it up for yourself.

Trello-Jira Webinar

Webinar: Using a Trello-Jira Integration to Better Manage Development Projects

In this webinar we’ll show you the high-level benefits of integrating Trello and Jira, as well as specific use cases, and how to set up your first sync.

Hubspot Chrome Extensions

12 of the Best HubSpot Chrome Extensions and Add-Ons (and They’re All Free!)

Chrome extensions have emerged to target those specific holes, effectively closing the circle for HubSpot users. These are the best HubSpot Chrome extensions and add-ons you should know about.

Trello-Jira Webinar

Free Webinar: Using a Trello-Jira Integration to Better Manage Development Projects

Unito allows you to sync Trello and Jira, building a customizable flow of information between the two tools. This webinar shows you how.

Emojis at work

Using Fruit to Set Deadlines and Other Creative Uses of Emojis at Work

These tiny little images are easy to use, easy to understand, and can often express thoughts and feelings far more quickly and efficiently than a paragraph.

How to pick agency tools

Free Ebook: How to Pick the Right Agency Tools

Learn the key difference between tool adoption and tool usage, the qualities of a good agency software, how integration, specifically two-way sync, can solve your technology dilemma and specific tools that check all of the boxes.

Unito Hubspot Integration

Unito’s New HubSpot Integration Makes it Easy For Sales Teams to Collaborate

Unito’s new HubSpot integration syncs the software with nine of the biggest work management tools on the market.

Common challenges in managing squads

Common Challenges in Managing Squads (and how to Deal With Them!)

Here’s how to address a few common less-than-ideal situations you may encounter in your squad — split between communication and procedural issues.

How to choose the right customer service software

How to Choose the Right Customer Service Software

The question is no longer about whether or not you need customer service software, it’s about how you pick the right tool for you and your team.