Connect and Sync Tools, Teams, and Customers with a CRM Integration

Sync your CRM data bidirectionally in real-time so everyone can collaborate on projects from their tool of choice. Unito supports a range of integration tools for CRMs including Salesforce, Hubspot, and Pipedrive.

"At HubSpot, we believe a strong integration ecosystem is key to success. Unito’s synchronization solution fills a key gap in that ecosystem by letting our customers do more without ever leaving HubSpot."

David Barron , Director, GTM @ Service Hub at HubSpot

Integrate your CRM with any app, team, or tool

Unito’s seamless, cross-functional integration tool for CRM connectors allow you to collaborate across tools with the same data kept up-to-date in real-time. Sales reps, revenue ops teams, key account managers, and others can work from their preferred interface without having to switch tabs or tools.

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Streamline Lead Lifecycle Management

Facilitate lead nurturing from marketing to sales by automatically sending MQLs from a marketing automation tool (e.g., Mailchimp) to your CRM.

Assign leads to sales based on a scoring threshold, or recycle rejected leads to other campaigns based on feedback.

Segment and personalize your email marketing audiences based on sales status.

See how it works with Pipedrive and Mailchimp

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Revamp your sales operations

Share activities associated with strategic account deals directly in Slack.

Automate how requests are handled to close deals: from MSA redlining to security questionnaires.

Trigger notifications for important CRM events from win announcements to direct messages when a deal is blocked.

Watch how we built a simplified HubSpot to Asana workflow

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Simplify customer support

Dispatch or escalate tickets and coordinate work from your CRM to teams in support or software development tools.

Access, share and update post-sale records so your CSMs can quickly jump in to service customers, while automatically sending updates to your CRM for future sales purposes.

Check our range of Salesforce contact integrations

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Dive into reporting data

Sync your CRM to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Airtable to:

Generate relevant reports easily and efficiently with flexible spreadsheet data.

Gain a better, data-driven understanding of interactions with leads, deals, and opportunities.

Learn to turn Google Sheets into a custom CRM

Bringing Teams From HubSpot and Asana Together With Unito

"With Unito, our sales team can stick to what they do best — finding new prospects and closing deals — without worrying about what’s going on in another tool." - Mathias Saint-Jean, Revenue Operations Leader.

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