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The 38 Best Free Notion Templates
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The 38 Best Free Notion Templates

Where to start? You’ve just added an incredibly flexible tool to your stack, but you’re not sure how to make the most use of it. Should you start with a spreadsheet? A Kanban board? No, surely you need a way to track your projects first? When you first open Notion, you might find yourself at a bit of a loss. Good thing there are a ton of Notion templates to choose from.

In this post, you’ll find some of the best Notion templates out there for personal productivity, teams, managers, and even students. All of them completely free — no premium templates here!

5 best Notion project management templates

S.M.A.R.T goals tracker

With S.M.A.R.T goals, you know exactly where you’re at. This template for Notion gives you a visual way to track all your goals, which can make managing project that much simpler.

Simple project management board

A screenshot of Unito's project management board template for Notion.

Wish you could get a Kanban board that has the flexibility of Notion? This template was built to replicate some of the most popular Kanban boards out there in your favorite tool.

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Tasks and issues template

Need an easy way to track issues? With this template for Notion, by Notion, you get a board that splits up tasks by teams, assignees, and more.

Branch’s engineering roadmap

A product roadmap helps you track the work your engineering teams need to do over time. It’s a great way to communicate product work with team leads and other stakeholders.

Loom’s simple project plan

With this project management Notion template, you can start your projects off on the right foot and make sure they cross the finish line.

4 free Notion templates for startups

Notion is a great tool for startups who want to scale quickly without building a massive tech stack. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that there are a ton of free Notion templates designed specifically for your startup.

Startup in a box

A screenshot of the startup in a box Notion template.

This free startup Notion template covers just about anything a startup might need, from coming up with an initial business idea to managing company OKRs. Whether you’re a seasoned founder or a first-time entrepreneur, treat this kit as guide rails that’ll help you scale in the right way.

Funding OS Notion template

A screenshot of the Funding OS free Notion template.

Getting funding is a huge part of running a successful startup, but actually managing funding initiatives can create a ton of headaches. With this free Notion template, you’ll be able to track your investor pipeline through multiple funding rounds, manage associated tasks, and more.

ROI calculator

A screenshot of an ROI calculator template for Notion.

This might be one of the most useful free Notion finance templates you’ll find out there. You can automatically calculate the value of a specific project by comparing what you’ve invested in it with the revenue it’s brought in.

Startup brand workbook Notion template

A screenshot of a startup brand workbook template.

Building a brand isn’t usually the first thing on a founder’s mind, but it can make the difference between building a disruptive powerhouse and a puttering business. With this free Notion template, you’ll get a step-by-step guide to building that killer brand.

6 free personal Notion templates

The Notion templates in this section are geared towards personal productivity and making your personal life easier. Let’s dive in.


A screenshot of a to-do template for Notion.

What better place to start than what you need to get done? This template gives you a simple Kanban board with “Next Up,” “In Progress,” and “Completed” columns and a few example tasks. Add this template to your workspace, add a couple of tasks, and you’re off to the races. It’s better than having to-do lists scattered throughout the office.

Ultimate tasks and projects

A screenshot of the ultimate tasks notion template.

Need a bit more than a Kanban board? This free template packs multiple views, a custom dashboard, and more to replicate a dedicated task management app within Notion. Once you’re ready to use Notion for bigger projects, give this template a whirl.

Eisenhower matrix

A screenshot of an Eisenhower matrix template for Notion.

Struggling to prioritize your tasks? The Eisenhower matrix is a simple method that works off of two main questions: “is it urgent?” and “is it important?” Answering these two questions helps you decide whether you should do the task, delegate it, decide later, or exterminate it. This template lets you do all of that in Notion.

Personal planner

Looking to make the most out of your time? Act with intent by using this template that breaks down your months into actionable blocks. Plan for the month ahead, check in halfway, and have a mini-retrospective when the month is done. You’ll be more productive in no time.

Getting things done

A screenshot of the getting things done notion template.

Are you a fan of the Getting Things Done methodology? This Notion template helps you manage your daily tasks and stay organized with this five-step method, allowing you to use it without leaving your favorite tool.

Second brain Notion template

A screenshot of a second brain template for Notion

A “second brain” is a digital platform that you organize specifically to offload some of the tasks kicking around in your first, fleshy brain. For example, if you’re trying to exercise more, you’ll create a digital habit tracker to manage this instead of just trying to remember if you went to the gym this week. This is one of the most useful Notion templates you’ll find, since it’ll help you get more out of any other templates you add to your workflow.

11 Notion templates for teams

Notion has a host of templates that can make collaboration that much smoother. Here are just a few of the best ones.


A screenshot of the brainstorming notion template.

Whiteboards and post-its can only get you so far. Whether you’re looking to run an asynchronous brainstorming session or you’re still doing it over video calls, this template lets you keep the whole process in Notion.

Meeting notes

A screenshot of the meeting notes notion template.

Meetings already chew up enough of your time; make sure they’re worth it. With this template, you can standardize your meeting notes and build a detailed archive of who said what and when.

Project management

A screenshot of the project management notion template.

Hit your deadlines and crush every milestone with this robust template. Keep documents, updates, and more all in one place and make managing projects a breeze with this Notion template.

Simple agile board

A screenshot of Unito's agile board template for Notion.

Addicted to Agile methodologies but you don’t want to use the tools built around them? With this template, get access to an Agile system your teams will love without leaving Notion.


A screenshot of the roadmap notion template.

Visualize product work, figure out priorities, and more with this roadmap template. Use individual cards to represent features, campaigns, high-priority issues, and build a dynamic roadmap the whole team can get value from.

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Editorial calendar

A screenshot of the editorial calendar notion template.

Never accidentally double up on marketing initiatives again. Keep track of every piece of content your team is working on, from podcasts to blog posts and collateral. The calendar view in this Notion template means you know what’s coming up and when it’s happening.

Google Calendar Events Tracker

This events tracker is handy for keeping an eye on conferences, workshops and meetings from both Notion or Google Calendar. You can sync this template in Notion to your Google Calendar with Unito to always stay connected between apps and never miss an event again. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using this template to sync Notion and Google Calendar with Unito.

Simple ticketing system

A ticketing system gives your support teams a simple, centralized database for tracking their work. With this template, you can give them the ability to do that right in Notion.

Want to populate a template like this with data from Jira or GitHub? Learn how to sync Jira projects to Notion or GitHub repositories to a Notion database.

Product wiki

A screenshot of the product wiki notion template.

A product wiki collects processes, best practices, support documentation, and more in one place. But you don’t have to work on a software product to get value out of a wiki. Customize this template a bit and it’ll become the single source of truth for your organization’s essential information.

Simple CRM

A screenshot of Unito's CRM template for Notion.

A CRM, or customer relationship management platform, gives your teams a way to track interactions with prospects, customers, and other contacts. With this template, you can have your CRM in Notion, so everyone can collaborate smoothly without leaving their favorite tool.

Want a full guide to automating this template with Unito and data from other tools? Check it out here.

Trello card database

Wish Trello had better reporting features? Better yet, wish it had Notion’s database features? Use this ready-made template to sync Trello cards to a Notion database.

HubSpot tasks database

Working with teams that love HubSpot? We build this template that recreates HubSpot fields so you can sync HubSpot tasks to a Notion database for centralization and reporting purposes. You can use Unito to send tasks, deals, and tickets from HubSpot to Notion.

11 Notion templates for managers

Managing a team is already hard enough; don’t make it harder by not having the tools you need. These templates can help you with just about every aspect of managing a team.

Risk report

A screenshot of Unito's Risk Report template for Notion.

Every project runs into potential risk, no matter how well-planned. With this template, you can keep track of these risks, how likely they are to impact your projects, and whether they require the intervention of a stakeholder.

Team home

A screenshot of a team home template for Notion.

Think of the team home as the product wiki for your reports. From this template, you can answer frequently asked questions (“do our benefits cover dental?”), track time off, and everything else your team needs from you.

Jira sprint progress report

A Jira Sprint offers several benefits for project management and team productivity. Need to bring visibility on Jira work to people working in Notion? Use this template to keep important Jira issues in one place so no one misses an update. Learn more about using this template here.

Time tracker

Need a simple way to track how much time collaborators are putting into a specific project? Use this template to get a visual representation of who’s got time to contribute and who’s overwhelmed.

OKR management

Using OKRs but struggling to track progress meaningfully? Break down your objectives, measure key results, and pull insights from weekly updates with this template.

Project health report

Want a quick way to keep stakeholders in the loop? With this template, you can streamline reporting and make sure everyone knows your projects are healthy — or know when you need support.

One on ones

A screenshot of the one on one notion template.

As a manager, you’re probably doing a fair number of one on one meetings, and it can be tough to track them all when they’re right after the other. With this Notion template, keep your meeting notes, your agenda, and more all in the same place to make the process that much smoother.

Marketing content catalog

Your marketers are creating a ton of great content, but most of it is going unused. Why? It’s just too hard to find. Use this template to create a centralized database so everyone knows how much content you’ve created and where they can find it.

Remote standup

A screenshot of the remote standup notion template.

Want to run a daily standup asynchronously? With this template, you can give everyone on your team an easy way to provide quick updates. The template also collects previous standup updates in a kind of database you can consult in the future.

GitHub issues report template

Working with teams that love GitHub? Use this template to report on progress happening in GitHub without ever touching a repository. Track progress, due dates, descriptions, and more.

Recruiting pipeline

A screenshot of the recruiting pipeline notion template.

Keeping track of applicants doesn’t have to be a headache. With this simple recruiting pipeline, you can track applicants the way you’d track potential deals in a CRM. Each card opens to show key information about each applicant, like skills, employment status, and so on.

Need to get data from other tools into Notion?

Notion templates are great for building just about anything you need, but they can’t quite replace every tool. Sometimes you’ll need a specialized tool, and you’ll have to work with that data. Thankfully, Notion has a built-in feature for this.

They’re called synced databases, and they allow you to quickly sync data from other tools to Notion by copying and pasting a single link. They’re currently available for Jira and GitHub, and we have full breakdowns of how they work here:

Using another tool that isn’t supported by Notion? Check out Unito’s Notion integration. It’s the easiest way to build a deep, two-way integration between Notion and Google Sheets, or tools like Asana, ServiceNow, Airtable, HubSpot, and more.

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