Use cases

How do you get routine work done the fastest? By using an integration solution, you can transcend tool silos and streamline work across teams. In this category, you’ll find situations where that’s most important.

How to Quickly Sync Issues Between GitHub and Jira with Automated 2-Way Updates

Here’s how to sync issues quickly between GitHub and Jira with automated 2-way updates from end-to-end with a code-free solution.

Find Out if You’re Ready for Jira Server’s End of Life

Support for Jira Server ends February 15th 2024. Not sure if you’re ready? Take our quiz and know for sure.

How to Automate Jotform Exports to Google Sheets Easily

Set up a simple automated sync between Jotform and Google Sheets that turns form submissions into spreadsheet rows automatically with Unito.

How to Easily Export Typeform Responses to Google Sheets Automatically

Set up a simple automated sync between Typeform and Google Sheets that turns surveys into spreadsheet rows automatically with Unito.

Logos for GitHub and Jira, representing a GitHub to Jira integration.

How To Set up a GitHub to Jira Integration (2 Methods)

A GitHub to Jira integration can help developers collaborate seamlessly with product managers and other teams. Here are two ways to do it.

How to Sync Confluence Pages with Trello Cards Automatically

Set up a 2-way sync between Confluence and Trello to share documentation, tasks, data and more with Unito’s automated integration.

How to Sync Azure DevOps Work Items with Asana Tasks with Automated 2-Way Updates

Here’s how to quickly connect Azure DevOps and Asana to sync work items and tasks with automated 2-way updates whenever changes are made.

How to Sync Azure DevOps and Jira Software Cloud with 2-Way Updates

Unito’s 2-way integration for Azure DevOps and Jira turns work items into issues and back with updates that sync in real-time as you work!

An illustration showing Trello updates getting synced to a master sheet.

The Master Sheet: How To Oversee Multiple Trello Boards With a Spreadsheet

A master sheet is a spreadsheet that syncs with Trello so you can review work from multiple boards in one place. Here’s how to make one.


Zendesk or Wrike? Integrate both for a dynamic CX solution!

Zendesk and Wrike both have a lot to offer whether you need customer support or a dedicated CRM. Unito lets you sync both with 2-way updates.

A logo for Google Sheets, representing Google Sheets integrations.

4 of the Best Google Sheets Integrations (Powered by Unito)

Google Sheets integrations let you harmonize data across tools, streamline the way your teams work, and keep stakeholders informed.