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Use cases

How do you get routine work done the fastest? By using an integration solution, you can transcend tool silos and streamline work across teams. In this category, you’ll find situations where that’s most important.

Airtable Trello 2-way Sync

How to Sync Trello Cards with Airtable Records

Learn how to sync Trello cards with Airtable records through Unito’s two-way no-code integration for professionals.

Logos for Slack and Trello, represnting how to create Trello cards from Slack.

How To Create Trello Cards From Slack (2 Methods)

Losing a lot of time jumping back and forth between Trello and Slack? Here are two ways you can create Trello cards from Slack.

Logos for Airtable, Unito, and Notion, representing our guide to syncing Airtable and Notion.

How to Sync Notion Tables With Airtable Bases Using Unito

In this guide, you’ll learn how to sync records from Airtable with pages in Notion using Unito. All to help your teams work that much better.

Jira Cloud Two Way Sync with Jira Service Management

Guide: How to Escalate Jira Service Management Issues to Jira Cloud Automatically with a Two-Way Sync

It’s easy to sync issues between Jira Software and Jira Service Management with Unito’s no-code, automated 2-way workflow.

Airtable Sheets Unito Two-Way Sync

How to Easily Sync Airtable with Google Sheets

Learn how to sync Airtable to Google Sheets and back with Unito’s automated, no-code, 2-way integration for spreadsheets.

Logos for Airtable and Unito, representing a Unito flow between Airtable bases.

How to Sync Multiple Airtable Bases With Unito

Learn how to sync Airtable records between multiple bases with Unito’s automated, no-code, two-way integration for all teams.

Github Asana sync

How to Sync GitHub with Asana

Learn how to sync GitHub repos to Asana projects and back with Unito’s automated, no-code, 2-way integration for project management.

Two Airtable logos linked together.

How to Link Records in Airtable (2 Methods)

If your data is spread out over multiple Airtable bases, you might be struggling to make sense of it all. But by linking Airtable records, you can keep all your data in one place. Here are two ways you can do that.

Asana BitBucket 2-way Unito Integration

How to Securely Connect Asana and BitBucket

Connecting Asana and BitBucket will save you hours of time with a simple set of rules in Unito to sync a fully automated 2-way integration.

Slack Trello 2-way Unito Integration

How to Quickly Connect Slack with Trello

You’d be surprised how quickly you can connect Slack with Trello in an automated 2-way sync between conversations and cards through Unito.

A logo of Slack next to a login screen.

How To Connect Slack to Your Project Management Tools (2 Methods)

Is Slack improving your productivity or hindering it? If it’s the latter, you might want to look into ways to connect your messaging tool to your project management platforms. Here are two ways you can do that.