Unito has launched new integrations, a new dashboard, a new authorization process and many new settings today. It’s practically a completely new service, and we know you’re going to love it. Let’s talk about what’s changed:

New integrations

  • Asana + Github Enterprise
  • Asana + JIRA Cloud
  • Asana + JIRA on-premise
  • Wrike + Github Enterprise
  • Wrike + JIRA on-premise

And that’s on top of the Existing Asana + GitHub and Wrike + JIRA Cloud. You can set any of these up in Unito right now and be on your way to working smarter in just a few minutes. And, of course, we’re working on more great integrations as hard as we can.

New Unito app interface

Now when you sign into Unito, you’re presented with this pop up asking which user interface you’d like to use. If you’re an old hand at using Unito and want to quickly make a few changes to your account, the old app will be available for a few more weeks, but eventually we will switch everyone’s account over to the new app because it has many more features and we think it’s much more fun to look at, too. 🙂

Connect your tools directly with Unito

You don’t have to sign-up/sign-in with a Unito account anymore to two-way sync any of our integrations. You just have to connect your favorite tools directly. No need to add a new service to your long list of credentials to remember.

New settings

We’ve been listening to your feedback for the last 9 months and added some features which should directly improve your “quality of life” when you use Unito to optimize your company’s project management.

Here are the 3 biggest new features:

Custom field support

Asana just launched custom fields that let you track anything! You can now add whatever info is most important to your teams directly at the task level. Not quite sure how you’d use that? Here are some examples:

  • Track the priority level of tasks to quickly identify tasks that need to be completed first.
  • Track the status of a task to have a global overview of your project velocity.
  • Track and manage Github milestones directly from Asana of your synced issues.
  • And if you’re syncing Asana with another tool that supports custom fields (e.g. JIRA), well, possibilities are limitless!

Read Asana’s article about custom fields here!

Want to know more how to take advantage of custom fields between Asana and other tools? Read our guide dedicated to them!

Best of all, custom fields mapping also works with two other apps that we integrate: Wrike and JIRA.

Warning: for the moment Asana custom fields are only available for Asana Premium users. If you are one of them, you will automatically see custom fields mapping in the Fields tab of your Sync settings.
Not an Asana Premium user? No problem, you just won’t see custom fields in your Sync settings, but everything will work as usual.

One-way sync

We started Unito because we didn’t know of a good tool to handle two-way sync between project management tools. And yet, for some people, it’s sometimes preferable to sync the info from one tool to the other and not the other way around! We want to make your work life smarter, so we decided to add this, too.

You can activate this with the click of a button in your Sync settings.

Advanced active users: Completely customizable field mapping

This is something for our hardcore active users. You want a completely customized sync between your favorite tools? You can now choose every field mapping individually.

What does that mean? Unito makes integrations simple by default, and tasks or issue titles are mapped to the title in the other tool, description to description, due date to due date etc. For some active users, that’s not enough flexibility for their needs, so from now you can change every mapping to whatever you like.

Look under “Sync Settings” and you’ll find a list of all fields supported for each tool and will be able to drag-and-drop fields in front of each other and even create new mappings from scratch. It’s very useful for tools supporting custom fields, so you can perfectly match them. And you can now choose which fields you want to sync, which ones you want to keep in only one tool and even in which direction you want them to sync! Bonus: changes are now synchronized every 5 minutes, that’s 3x faster!

Have a complete list of new features and settings in the complete release notes!

What’s Next

The new platform will be in beta and free until mid-October.

But this is just the beginning! We didn’t work this hard on the new platform just for a better interface, but also because its strength allows us to release new features much more quickly. And our roadmap is pretty packed for the next few months, so if there’s something you’ve been hoping we’ll add, check back frequently. You may be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

How do you get it?

  • Existing active users will receive an email when you’ll have access to the new platform
    • You have nothing to do, everything is automatic, you’ll find your existing links in the new platform, still active and with their custom settings
    • You can still signup on the new platform and play around with the new settings, but wait for our email before syncing the same projects again to avoid duplicates.
  • New active users sign up today to access the new platform right away.
  • If you tried Unito ages ago and you don’t have any active links anymore, just make a new account and you will land directly on the new platform.

Drop a comment below if you have any questions or feedback, and please share the good news about Unito around to your colleagues or friends to help make their work lives a little smarter, too.