The Unito Team

Logos for Excel and Google Sheets, representing ways to clean up data in Excel.

7 Ways To Clean up Data in Excel and Google Sheets

You can keep your spreadsheet data cleaned up by standardizing the way you enter data like dates, using formulas judiciously, avoiding the merge feature, and more.

An illustration of two people going up an escalator, representing Unito's new office.

The Office as a Product: How We Built Our Office for the Modern Workplace

When other companies were moving to a remote-first model, we were in the middle of building a new office. We took a similar approach to this office as we do when building software. Here’s what that means.

Logos for Asana and Google Sheets, representing a way to get your Asana reports into Google Sheets.

How To Report on Asana Tasks With Google Sheets and Unito

Asana is a great project management tool, but it’s not necessarily the best way to report on your work. Here’s how you can use Unito

Logos for Asana and Airtable on a pink background.

How to Bridge the Functional Gaps Between Tools With Unito

Have you ever been frustrated by a missing feature in your favorite tool only to find it in another one? Here’s how you can use Unito to bridge the gap between those two tools and get the features you need.

Big News: Unito Is Now Soc 2 Type II Compliant

This certification is a reflection of the measures a company takes to protect its users data. Here’s what it means, and why this commitment matters to us.

A person working on a cellphone, representing the raspberry pi blog post.

Building Rock-Solid Dashboards With a Raspberry Pi

Trying to build dashboards for your teams? Here are a few steps for doing that — and a few pitfalls to watch out for.

A person climbing a bar graph, representing no-code workflow automation apps.

What Is Unito and Why Do You Need a Two-Way Sync for Apps and Tools?

Unito is one of many no-code tools, but what sets it apart is that you can create extensive automations without any programming knowledge.

Logos for Slack and Unito, representing Unito's new Slack integration

How to be a Slack Workflow Hero

If you’re interested in being a workflow hero, an everyday user who can build apps without giving development teams more work, then this is the webinar you are looking for.

Three people chasing a rugy ball, representing the daily scrum

The Daily Scrum: What It Is and How Unito Does It

The daily scrum is not when everyone piles into a meeting room to grab a ball. It’s how you keep your team updated on what everyone’s doing. Find out what it is, how it’s done, and how Unito does it.

Birds of multiple colors, representing going from new hire to full collaborator

How To Go From New Hire To Full Collaborator

There’s a lot to learn when you start a new job. Lots of names, new processes, the wifi password… While you get that figured out, here’s how you can make sure you’re on the fast track to being great at your role.

A laptop with a dog's pawprint on it reflecting the Unito on Unito series

Getting High-Level Data From Airtable To Asana: Unito on Unito

The teams who decide which integrations Unito should work on next aren’t necessarily the same teams working on these integrations. They also don’t use the same tools. Here’s how we use our own product to bridge that gap.