Power Up Your Agency With a Trello Master Board

Power Up Your Agency With a Trello Master Board

NEW FOR UNITO USERS: We now have step-by-step walkthrough demonstrating how to sync Trello cards between multiple Trello boards with Unito.

Every agency wants clients. The more the better. You want your clients to give you as much work as you can stomach, just enough to reach that point where you’re working hard without getting overwhelmed and collapsing under the weight.

Preventing that point of collapse depends on two things: workflows and resources. You need to be actively improving your workflows and working out processes to continually manage the influx of work that comes from running a successful agency. Many agencies rely on Trello to manage people and workflows, but it isn’t a perfect solution. If you create a client board for every client, there’s no built-in way to easily track incoming requests or see all the work you have due from a single board.

But agencies don’t need to accept the status quo. With a Trello master board, you can manage both your team and your clients better.

So what’s a master board?

It’s a Trello board populated by cards from other Trello boards. With Unito’s workflows, the cards on the master board and the cards on the original boards are treated as the same item. That means comments, attachments, due dates, and more all get carried across between boards. In an agency, you might use a master board to keep an eye on requests from multiple clients who each have their own board. You could also use a master board to get an overview of everything your team’s up to.

In this blog post, we’ll go over how using a master board can change the game for your agency.

More transparency

When you and your client spend your time working on different boards, copy-paste becomes the default way to share updates and information. Transparency becomes another task for you to complete, rather than a natural state. Unito’s two-way syncing changes that.

Say you sync the cards from a client’s Trello board to an internal master board. Every comment you make on your card, every update to the due date, and all deliverables will be replicated over to the client’s side. This means that, instead of copying and pasting across boards or sending constant emails for progress updates, your clients will automatically stay up to date. You can focus on getting the job done and they remain in the loop. Plus, they can send questions your way by commenting directly on the Trello cards. This kind of transparency and efficiency makes for happy clients, and happy clients come back.

Of course, not all information is valuable for clients. Some might even be confidential and can’t be shared. With Unito, you can create rules to filter out cards you want to keep private, so you’re only showing a client what you want to share.

The increased transparency you get with a Trello master board also applies internally. If you’re managing a team, you’re probably used to flipping through their individual Trello boards to stay updated on their work. That, or you rely on regular emails and meetings to stay in the know.

With a Unito workflow, you can take Trello boards from across your team and sync them to an executive overview board, allowing you to keep track of what they’re doing at a glance. Leave comments on their cards, send your approval, and review their work all from a single board.

Quicker request triage

Transparency isn’t the only benefit of a Trello master board. It can also serve as a triage board. Everything from client requests to your team’s deliverables can be managed and delegated from one place.

Let’s take the client request example. Imagine that all your clients have their own Trello board, each with a column specifically for requests. The first step of your workflow is reviewing each request before dispatching it to someone on your team. That means going from board to board and collecting their requests. Then you either copy the information over to your own board or forward it in an email.

But when you create a master board, you can sync your board to each client board. That means all requests get pulled from their boards and land on yours, giving you a single place to review all their requests. And because you can selectively sync columns, you can get those requests without ever seeing the rest of their boards.

Since the cards are synced — and not just copied over — you can also comment directly on the card. The comment will show up on your client’s board, and they’ll be able to reply from their board as well. You can maintain transparent, effective communication without ever leaving your master board.

And you can do so much more with a master board, like creating an overview of your freelancers or your team’s priorities.

Easier access to information

Managers are constantly making decisions. This can range from how many freelancers to hire for a given month to where to focus account-based marketing efforts. To make those decisions, you need information. But when you need to flip through multiple Trello boards to get that information, it’s like having 15 people talking to you at once. That’s where Unito comes in.

When you have a single Trello master board, you have a centralized place for the context you need to make these decisions. You can keep track of due dates, exchanges between collaborators, and attachments all in one place. No need to jump through hoops or inboxes to get up to speed.

And you’re not the only one benefitting from the master board. Your employees get quicker access to approval and feedback from stakeholders. Because your master board is synced to their boards, comments from your board show up on theirs. That means everyone stays up to date without needing to book a meeting or sending an email that’ll get lost in someone’s inbox.

Not only are you able to focus on knowledge from outside sources, you’re also improving the communication channels between you and your team.

Power up your agency

There’s a lot that goes into running an agency. You want to keep everyone working with you happy and doing their best work. You’re on the hunt for new clients and growing your relationships with existing clients. All the while, you’re trying to figure out how to be the best there is at what you do. A Trello master board can provide the leg up you need to excel.

Want to find out how to set up your own master board? Check out our webinar.