How to Quickly Review Intercom Conversations From Asana With a 2-Way Sync

This walkthrough will show you how to connect Intercom and Asana with a no-code Unito integration that syncs conversations and tasks quickly and effectively. Similar steps will apply to other project management tools synced to Intercom, including: Asana, Trello,, ClickUp and more. This simple integration enables the team in Asana to keep track of important customer conversations and ensure quick responses from subject matter experts outside Intercom. Additionally, it eliminates the need for manual entry for the team in Intercom who may need to copy/paste details or specifics into another app or tool.

By the end of this article, anyone on your team will be able to set up a quick integration that turns a conversation in Intercom into an Asana task with automated 2-way updates between tools.

Why should you review Intercom conversations from Asana?

Setting up an integration between Asana and Intercom simplifies and expedites the process of getting other teams involved in your customer support workflows. If you need help from other departments, automating a connection between tools enables quick replies from a familiar interface. It’s also extremely helpful if you want to improve visibility on conversations in other tools. Since Unito is Soc 2 Type 2 certified and GDPR compliant, your data is securely handled with an integration like this to protect customer privacy.

Another popular use case for this workflow involves sharing ticket details from Intercom with teams in Asana as those tickets escalate and more work is assigned. Syncing the conversation to the task gives teams context directly from the customer as they try to solve the problem. Connecting Intercom with Asana through Unito speeds up that process so no one needs to try and paraphrase the conversation, they can just share it automatically.


Feel free to skip ahead if you’re already in the middle of building this workflow:

Step 1. Connect Intercom and Asana to Unito

Step 2. Set a flow direction between Intercom and Asana

Step 3. Set rules to sync Intercom and Asana

Step 4. Select field mappings to sync conversations and tasks

Step 5. Save, close and launch your flow

Before we connect Intercom and Asana to Unito

  • Ensure you have an account with the right permissions in both Intercom and Asana.
  • Make sure your Intercom account has “Can install, configure and delete apps” access turned on. You can find this in User Permissions under the Apps and Integrations section.
  • Keep in mind that our Intercom integration is still in beta, so for now we can only sync one-way to Asana.

Let’s set up our integration to review Intercom conversations from Asana

This flow has two primary goals:

  • Set up a one-way flow to create tasks in Asana based on specific conversations from Intercom.
  • Set up a 2-way sync between relevant fields so that our team in Asana can interact with the team in Intercom without changing tools, and update task status for both teams.

Step 1. Connect Intercom and Asana to Unito

Navigate to the Unito App and select +Create Flow. On the next screen, select Start Here to connect Intercom and Asana. Choose the accounts you wish to connect to Unito. Then, specify a single Intercom Team and Asana project.

Connect Intercom with Asana Unito Tool Selection
Note: The accounts you choose here must have access to the Team and Project you wish to connect.

When you’re ready, select Confirm.

Step 2. Set a flow direction between Intercom and Asana

Since our Intercom integration currently only supports one-way flows, this part is simple. We must choose a one-way sync from Intercom to Asana.

Note: This simply means that Intercom conversations can create tasks in Asana, but not the other way around. We will specify which conversations create Asana tasks in the next step.

Connect Intercom with Asana Unito Flow direction

As you’ll see in Step 4, we’ll later use a two-way flow for individual fields in our tasks and issues so that information between.

Select Confirm when you’ve chosen a flow direction. 

Learn more about flow directions.

Step 3. Set rules to sync Intercom and Asana

Select Add a new trigger to begin setting your rule to determine what actions taken in Intercom will cause new tasks to appear in Asana.

Unito Triggers Conversation Task

In the above example, our demo will create Asana tasks ONLY when an open Intercom conversation in our specified Team is tagged: bug, engineering, or Feature request. New tasks in Asana will then appear in the New Requests section of our chosen project.

Find out more about setting rules.

Step 4. Select field mappings to sync conversations and tasks

Select + Add mapping, then Select a field in both Intercom and Asana to pair two fields together.

Choosing fields allows you to carefully select which details are synced between tools. Each field can be synced one-way in either direction or bidirectionally. In our demo below, we have a few custom fields (those with a blue ‘?’ beside them) and we can select the gear icon to modify the values of applicable fields. Let’s look at our completed set of field mappings and then we’ll describe a few in detail:

Intercom Asana Unito Field Mappings
  • Attachments and links to the Intercom conversation will appear in our Asana task’s description footer.
  • Intercom titles become Asana Task names.
  • The First reply in Intercom will populate our task’s description.
  • Intercom State is synced to task Status.
  • Assignees, tags, priorities, and notes & comments are all synced appropriately.
  • Our custom field Eng Status is synced one way from our Asana Sections/columns. In this custom field, as tasks are moved between specific sections/columns in Asana, their Eng status in Intercom changes.
Unito Custom Field Mappings

Click Confirm when you’re satisfied with your field mappings to proceed.

Learn more about Field Mappings

Step 5. Save, close and launch your flow!

And that’s it! You’ve just completed a flow to connect Intercom with Asana. Congratulations!

If you’ve followed the steps above, your flow will now: 

  • Create an Asana task based on Intercom conversations tagged for bug reports, engineering issues, or feature requests.
  • Enable teams between tools to collaborate easily, with context automatically available so everyone can work more efficiently and with the latest information. 

Our Intercom conversation to be synced with Asana
Our Asana interface synced to Intercom

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. 

What’s next after connecting Intercom and Asana to Unito?

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