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Offer Better Customer Support With Unito’s Zendesk-Trello Integration
Logos for Trello, Zendesk, and Unito

Offer Better Customer Support With Unito’s Zendesk-Trello Integration

Customer support can make or break a business. The teams who handle tickets, phone calls, and emails are the direct line between the organization and the customer. A customer’s experience with these teams can turn them into a diehard supporter or make them look elsewhere. But too often, customer support teams can’t get the help they need because they’re working in dedicated tools that just don’t make sense for the rest of the organization. 

Unito is an integration platform that gives everyone the ability to collaborate from where they’re most comfortable. Deep, two-way integrations drive better collaboration, increase visibility, and give leaders the information they need to make better decisions. Here’s how Unito can help your support teams get support of their own by integrating Zendesk with Trello.

Turn Zendesk tickets into Trello cards in just a few clicks

You don’t need technical knowledge to set up a Unito integration, and you can get your first workflow up and running in just a few steps.

Start by connecting your tools and picking your projects.

A screenshot of a Zendesk group being connected to a Trello board in Unito.

Set up your rules.

A screenshot of a Unito rule between Zendesk and Trello.

Review — or customize! — your field mappings.

A screenshot of field mappings between a Zendesk group and a Trello board in Unito.

And launch your flow!

A screenshot of a Zendesk-Trello integration being launched in Unito.

Just like that, you’ve officially built your first Unito flow! By connecting your Zendesk instance with a Trello board, Zendesk tickets will become Trello cards. Updates are synced in both directions by default, meaning any changes made in one tool will be made in the other — with no extra work required!  You can drive better collaboration between your teams without forcing them all into the same tool.

Do more for your customers with features teams love

Whichever plan you sign up for, you’ll get access to features purpose-built for teams that need better workflows.


With rules, you can control the flow of information between Zendesk and Trello. Don’t want your Trello boards to get filled up with potentially hundreds of Zendesk tickets? Just set up a filtering rule that looks for a specific tag in Zendesk, and only tickets with that tag will get synced over to Trello. Or you could make sure only tickets of the “task” type are synced over to a to-do list in Trello.

A screenshot of a rule being set up in Unito.

Tags aren’t the only field you can use in your rules. You can filter tickets by assignee, priority, and ticket type as well. Unito rules use trigger-outcome logic, so even complicated rules can be built in minutes.

Advanced mappings

Think of a Unito flow like a busy intersection. Rules are like crossing guards, telling cars when they can and can’t pass through. Field mappings are the lanes, directing traffic this way or that. Unito automatically maps similar fields across tools — like due dates and comments — but you can easily customize these mappings to your needs.

A screenshot of a field mapping being added in Unito.

With the right mappings, you can make entirely different tools feel like they’re the same environment. Workflows that seem incompatible at first glance can be brought to a happy medium where everyone knows exactly what’s going on.

The activity stream

Build a single Unito flow is one thing, but some workflows need a bit more work. If you need to connect your Zendesk groups to multiple Trello boards — and maybe even other tools! — you suddenly find yourself with a lot more to keep track of. That’s where the activity stream comes in.

Think of the activity stream like your own personal war room. Here, you can see every single change a Unito flow has synced in the past 24 hours. You get granular information you can leverage to know exactly how Unito is impacting your teams, get a headstart on troubleshooting, and fine-tune your flows through extensive testing.

Get more out of your workflow with custom options

No work management tool is a one-size-fits-all solution. They’re at their best when customized for your needs. A Unito flow works much in the same way; with some tool pairings, you get access to additional customization options. Here are just a few of these options for our Zendesk-Trello integration:

  • Prefix Trello card titles with Zendesk ticket numbers: Want your teams to know which ticket they’re dealing with at a glance? Make Zendesk tickets more visible in Trello with this option.
  • Sync public comments from Zendesk: By default, Unito will only sync internal notes. But if you want public communication to be available to your other teams, you can do that too.
  • Sync closed tickets and archived cards: Unito’s default setting is to sync open tickets and cards. That gives you faster performance and prevents your Trello boards from getting cluttered. But if you need access to historical Zendesk data in Trello — or vice-versa — in can be done in just a few clicks.
  • Push customization with custom fields: Unito supports custom fields for both Zendesk and Trello, meaning you can sync Credit Card Number, Dropdown, Text, and more!

With these custom options, you can make your Unito flow your own. By combining the customizability of these tools with Unito’s deep integrations, you can optimize your teams’ workflows without learning how to code.

In practice: the support ticket escalation workflow

As strong and resourceful as your support team might be, there will be times when they need backup. Maybe it’s a corner case in one of your policies that needs to be arbitrated. Maybe a tenacious technical issue needs to be checked with an engineer. When that happens, it goes through your support ticket escalation workflow

When a ticket goes from a customer support agent to someone else, the receiving team rarely uses Zendesk. Without the right integration, it has to be passed on in an email, a chat app, or even physically printed and brought over — true story. This can completely tank a support team’s metrics through no fault of their own.

But when you use Unito to integrate Zendesk with Trello, you’re creating a pathway not just for the ticket itself, but any communication that needs to happen along the way. A support ticket that gets sent along to another team will automatically stay updated in both tools, no matter who makes changes to it. Questions can get answered in minutes, attachments are carried over seamlessly, and you can finally say goodbye to copy-pasting.

Your ticket to better customer support

Everyone should have a stake in keeping your customers happy. With Unito, you can do that without forcing everyone into the same tool. Give your support team the communication channel they need to make their work more visible and make sure everyone else has the ability to lend a hand when they can.

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