The 8 Best Power-Ups for Trello Reporting and Dashboards
Logos for Trello, representing Trello reporting workflows.
The 8 Best Power-ups for Trello Reporting
Logos for Trello, representing Trello reporting workflows.

The 8 Best Power-ups for Trello Reporting

Trello is an easy-to-use, powerful tool for project management that’s suited to all sorts of projects. But while the Kanban methodology is great for getting up-to-speed on your projects quickly, it’s not necessarily they best for building reports. That’s why Trello reporting workflows often involve using other tools, copying and pasting data, and hopping back and forth between multiple tabs. But there’s a better way to do this: Trello Power-Ups.

Here’s a list of some of the best Trello Power-Ups built for reporting on your Trello boards in just a few clicks.


A screenshot of Dashcards, a Trello reporting Power-Up.

Every wish you could report on your work in Trello without really leaving Trello? And maybe spreadsheets and data visualization graphs aren’t really your thing? Dashcards is a simple Trello reporting Power-Up that can track cards across an entire board based on specific parameters. Want to track overdue cards? Cards with a specific assignee? You can do it all with this Power-Up.

Burndown for Trello reporting

A screenshot of Burndown, a Trello reporting Power-Up.

A burndown chart allows project managers to track three important things: what’s been done, what still needs to get done, and how much time is left in their projects. With this Power-Up for Trello reporting, you can build burndown charts without leaving Trello, using the data that’s already in your Trello boards.

Kanban Analytics for Trello reporting

A screenshot of charts in Kanban Analytics, a Power-Up for Trello reporting.

With this Power-Up, you can use your Trello data to build a host of different charts and reports, with no extra apps or integrations required. You can create aging charts, flow efficiency charts, time breakdown charts, and more.

Time in List

Do you ever wish you could see how long a card has lingered at a specific stage of your workflow without opening it? That’s exactly what this Power-Up does. No need to go through a dozen comments, use custom fields, or click through every card. Plus, you can even create aggregate reports that expose your workflow’s snags over time.

Dashboards by Screenful

A screenshot of Dashboards, a Trello reporting Power-Up.

Wish you could get powerful dashboards from Trello without constantly jumping between tools? Or worse, copying and pasting data over and over? With the Dashboards Power-Up for Trello, you can create dynamic dashboards from Trello data to get a bird’s-eye-view on everything that’s going on in your Trello boards.

Time Tracking & Reporting

With this Power-Up for Trello reporting, you can give your team a quick, easy way to track the time they’re spending working on specific tasks. Then, you can use that data to build a time-tracking report and see where your team’s time is going.

Corello: charts and dashboards for Trello reporting

Another Power-Up designed to give you all sorts of charts and dashboards for your Trello reporting needs, Corello stands out with its focus on serving Agile teams. If you’re using Scrum or a similar Agile framework, you’ll find charts designed specifically for your processes.

Unito: Trello reporting and more

The first step of using Unito's progress report template with Unito, a Trello reporting Power-Up.

Unito is a workflow management platform with deep, two-way integrations for some of the best software tools on the market. It’s also a suite of Trello Power-Ups you can use to build automated Trello reports in tools like Google Sheets, Airtable, Microsoft Excel, and more. With Unito, Trello cards can be turned into work items in other tools — like spreadsheet rows — and automatically updated from either tool.

And when you have the right template, you can make your workflows even smoother.

Trello’s full-on 24-hour reporting

Trello reporting doesn’t have to be complicated or involve a ton of extra tools. With the right Power-Up, you can create dynamic dashboards, beautiful charts, and even sync Trello data to the reporting tool of your choice. So pick one that makes sense, add it to your boards, and kiss the “copy-paste” command goodbye.