Free Webinar: How to Build a Trello Master Board

Trello master board webinar

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to:

  • Build your first master board
  • Sync cards between team boards
  • Sync individual cards to a centralized board

Watch it now!

One Trello board. Two Trello boards. Ten Trello boards. It’s crazy how quickly Trello has evolved from a helpful personal task management tool to an indispensable company-wide work management tool. 

As a result of that growth, people at all levels of the organization are being forced to jump between different teams boards to stay on top of work. Or, different teams will often create duplicate cards for the same project so they can track progress within their own board — siloing information within those teams. Plus, managers and executives looking for visibility into work often need to check five or 10 boards to get all of the information they need. 

There’s a better way.

A Trello master board allows you to see all the cards you need in one place. Sync cards from any board across your organization into a single master board, making it easy to collaborate and stay on top of work.

Watch the webinar to discover how a Trello master board could help your team!

Access the Webinar

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