What Is Project Management Reporting? (And a Free Template)
An illustration of a woman in front of a board of tasks, representing project management reporting.
What Is Project Management Reporting? (And a Free Template)
An illustration of a woman in front of a board of tasks, representing project management reporting.

What Is Project Management Reporting? (And a Free Template)

Project management reporting is an essential tool for project teams and organizations of all sizes. It provides detailed insight into the progress, performance, and success of your projects. Through effective project management reporting, organizations can identify areas of strengths and weaknesses while also discovering potential opportunities to use their resources to the fullest. While this kind of reporting is often done by professional project managers, anyone involved in a project can do it, and it’s not even that complicated.

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What is project management reporting?

Project management reporting refers to the collection, recording, analysis, and sharing of data related to a project — usually to understand and communicate its progress. Project managers will use this information to decide how to allocate resources and properly prioritize tasks. They’ll also share it with stakeholders to keep them informed as a project moves closer to the finish line. That’s because for these stakeholders, these reports are often the only way they can know how a project is going.

The exact information contained in each report can vary depending on the project, but they’ll often include items like budgets, timelines, task lists, workloads, and milestones.

That information is useful not just for managing your project as it’s happening, but for other projects too. You can look back on past reports when things go wrong with your project, carry those insights forward, and make future projects more efficient.

5 reports for project management reporting

Project managers will use several reports when they need to communicate a project’s progress with stakeholders and other teams. Here are some of the reports they might use.

Budget reports

A project management budget report is essential for tracking expenses and profitability throughout a project. This report provides an overview of the project cost, labor hours spent, materials purchased, and other related expenses. It also outlines expected income from the completion of tasks and allows teams to identify areas where they are overspending or underutilizing resources. By analyzing this data regularly, project managers can quickly make adjustments if necessary in order to keep the project running smoothly and on-budget.

Timeline reports

Project management timeline reports are vital for ensuring that projects remain on schedule and all due dates are met. This report provides a snapshot of the overall timeline for the project, current and upcoming tasks, milestones, and deadlines. It also allows project managers to adjust scheduling parameters if necessary in order to complete the project according to plan. Project timeline reports provide an overview of progress at any given time, so teams can stay on top of their work and keep their projects running efficiently.

Task lists

Task list reports are essential for providing teams with an overview of all the tasks that must be completed in order to complete a project. This report outlines each step in the project, along with sub-tasks, due dates, and assigned personnel. It also allows teams to establish priorities and plan ahead for any issues that may arise throughout the course of the project. Task list reports provide a much-needed visual representation of project progress and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding their responsibilities.

Team status report

Project management team status reports are an essential part of any successful project. This report provides a summary of the team’s current progress and allows for quick identification of any problem areas. It also helps project managers track milestones and deadlines, evaluate performance, assess risks, and identify potential issues or bottlenecks. Project management team status reports help ensure that the project is on course and deliverables are achieved according to plan.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment reports are essential for accurately assessing risks associated with any project. This report helps project managers identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. It also allows for the evaluation of existing plans against unexpected changes, issues, and disruptions that may arise. Risk assessment reports provide a comprehensive overview of the entire project, from initial planning to post-implementation review, allowing teams to make informed decisions about the future of their projects.

Unito’s free project management reporting template

Project management can be complicated and time-consuming. But with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be! A Google Sheets project management report template is a great way to streamline your workflow. This template seamlessly syncs tasks from Jira, Trello, and Asana – making it easier for you and your team to stay on top of each project. With this template, you can easily view tasks at a glance, keep track of deadlines, prioritize tasks based on priority or due date, and quickly identify any potential problems or bottlenecks. Best of all, it’s free and easy to use!

A screenshot of a project management reporting template, built in Google Sheets.

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