Dara Fontein

Dara is a writer and content creator based in Vancouver, British Columbia. When not playing around with words, Dara can be found updating her cat's Instagram account, wandering the aisles of home decor stores, and not hiking.
A heart eyes emoji, blank face emoji, and crying emoji, representing customer churn

Churn: What It Is and How To Avoid It

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t lose a single customer. But to hold on to your customers, you should learn about churn and how you can reduce it for your business.

RACI chart matrix

A RACI Chart Definition, Example, and How to Use It for Project Clarity

There’s one key factor that will determine the overall success of any project: assigning clear roles and responsibilities. A RACI chart is a simple and effective way to do just that.

A stack of money with a graph line going up, representing sales managers

Sales Managers: What They Do and How To Do It Better

Sales managers spearhead their team’s effort as they strive to hit ambitious sales goal. These managers need to know how to work collaboratively, lead their team through tough times, and more. Here’s more about this crucial role.

Project stakeholder management

Stakeholder Management — A Guide for Project Managers

As the projects you manage get bigger and more complex, you’ll start to notice you’re dealing with more and more people on a daily basis. This is where stakeholder management becomes so important.


End Micromanagement: 6 Signs of Micromanagement (and What To Do Instead)

While micromanagement might feel like good-natured extra diligence — and the best way to keep your team on track — it’s actually a highly toxic workplace issue that will do more harm than good.

A green post it with a lifted corner, representing Scrum

Scrum: A Definition and Some Pointers

Heard the word “Scrum” in a meeting and you’re not sure what it means? Or maybe you’re just curious about how it’s implemented? Find out what Scrum is, how it works, and just who the Scrum Master really is.

A computer monitor surrounded by symbols for chat, income, and statistics, representing CRM software.

What Is CRM Software and Which One Should You Use?

We’re way past the time of the Rolodex. So how do today’s teams keep track customer information? They use CRM software.

A heart monitor, representing project monitoring

Project Monitoring: What It Is and Why It’s Important

It’s one thing to launch a project, but if you actually want to deliver you need to learn about project monitoring. Here’s how it works and why it’s important.

A disassembled skateboard, representing a minimum viable product

What Is a Minimum Viable Product?

Heard the term minimum viable product (or MVP) and not sure what it means? Find out what it is, what it’s used for, and what you need to know before creating your own.

An arrow hitting a bullseye, representing project management tools and new year's resolutions

How To Use a Project Management Tool To Actually Stick To Your Resolutions

The decorations are all gone and the turkey is too. Time to look ahead and figure out your resolutions. Want to actually stick to them this year? Here’s how your project management tool can help you do that.

Incident management

A Beginner’s Guide to Incident Management

If you’ve ever been in the middle of some work only to have an app crash, you know the pain and panic of a failing IT service. If that app is back up and running in just a few minutes, it’s thanks to an effective incident management process.