Logos for Asana and HubSpot, representing a Unito flow.
How To Accelerate Sales Operations With Unito’s Hubspot Deals Integration
Logos for Asana and HubSpot, representing a Unito flow.

How To Accelerate Sales Operations With Unito’s Hubspot Deals Integration

Sales operations is about giving salespeople everything they need to build great relationships with their prospects. Making sure they have the collateral they need. Building better collaboration with other teams. Anything it takes to help close more deals. But there’s often a great divide between the tools your salespeople use every day and the platforms your operations teams rely on. That’s why your sales operations process needs an integration with a CRM like HubSpot.

Unito is a workflow management solution that keeps teams in sync, no matter what tool they’re using. With the deepest two-way integrations on the market, Unito can help you streamline collaboration across tools. Here’s how you can do this with HubSpot and your work hub of choice.

More of a visual learner? Check out this demo in which one of our product specialists at Unito builds a flow between HubSpot and Asana.

What’s the sales use case for creating a HubSpot Deals Integration?

Sales teams can easily do all their work without leaving their CRM. Reaching out to prospects, setting up meetings, crunching numbers to see which deals they should be focusing on — all of that without leaving a tool like HubSpot.

But, like any other team, sales needs to rely on other collaborators. They need data to push better initiatives, support from specialists like lawyers and developers, and the occasional helping hand to push a deal over the finish line. Often, the operations team is the one making sure salespeople have everything they need to do what they do best.

The problem? CRMs don’t really cut it for the operations team. They’re usually spending most of their time in a work hub, collaborating with people throughout the organization. CRMs and work hubs don’t really play nice with each other out of the box, which means crossing the gap between tools creates a ton of manual work — like copy-pasting data or jumping from tool to tool.

With Unito, you can build flows that automatically sync HubSpot deals to your work hub of choice, turning them into tasks where people can leave comments, set priorities, and more.

How sales and operations teams can get their time back with Unito

  • Streamline collaboration on high-value deals: Some deals are potential game-changers from the get-go. That’s when you want to bring in everyone who needs to get involved early. By syncing high-value deals to other tools in your stack, you can get them in front of the legal team, leadership, and other collaborators.
  • Automate escalation processes: Sometimes, a sales deal needs a little bit of help from a specialist. Maybe a lawyer needs to spend a few minutes mulling over a client’s particular request, or a developer needs to confirm how feasible a feature request is. In either case, isn’t easier to send the deal to their tool with a click rather than manually copying everything over?
  • Export information to reporting tools: HubSpot has great reporting tools, but what if they’re not your team’s favorite? If your collaborators are using Google Sheets, Airtable, or some other tool for their reporting needs, having to manually send your data over can be taxing. With Unito, you can make sure that’s done automatically.
  • Keep stakeholders in the loop: Whether that’s a manager, the CEO, or a team lead, salespeople can have a whole list of people to send updates to. Rather than continuously drafting reports and status updates, set up a Unito flow so high-value updates are synced right to the tools your stakeholders use.

These are just a few examples of use cases that are completely transformed by syncing HubSpot deals to other tools. No matter how you use this integration, you’ll save time and effort you can put back into what you do best: closing deals.

ABC: Always Be Collaborating

Sales teams are at their best when they’re talking with prospects, dealing with objections, and matching people up with the solutions that fit their needs. They shouldn’t be wasting time copying and pasting information or switching tools. Operations teams have enough on their plate without having to worry about keeping tasks and deals up to date across tools. With Unito, you can save both teams headaches and keep them focused on what matters.

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