Why Unito Is the Best Way To Integrate Hubspot With Trello
Logos for HubSpot and Trello, representing a blog post about integrating the two tools.
The Best Way To Integrate Hubspot With Trello
Logos for HubSpot and Trello, representing a blog post about integrating the two tools.

The Best Way To Integrate Hubspot With Trello

Tools like HubSpot and Trello are great for getting specific jobs done. But sometimes, it feels like they can get in the way. When your salespeople, customer support teams, and marketers love to work out of HubSpot, it can be tough for them to collaborate with teams that spend most of their workday in Trello. There has to be a way to integrate HubSpot and Trello to save everyone some time, right?

Here’s your breakdown on integrating these two tools, why you should do it, and how it’s done.

Why integrate HubSpot with Trello?

HubSpot is one of the strongest options out there for sales teams, marketers, and customer support specialists. People in these roles can spend most of their workday in this tool, since it handles marketing automation, customer support, sales operations, and a whole lot more. But it does have one area where it’s not as strong as other tools: project management.

Trello is one of the most popular project management tools on the market today. With its simple Kanban boards, it’s pretty easy for anyone to start managing projects, even without any experience. That’s why so many organizations rely on it as their main project management solution. But while it’s a great project management tool, it doesn’t have the specialized features HubSpot does, meaning some teams won’t get as much out of it.

That means organizations that use both tools will have teams who never leave their tool of choice. That can make cross-functional collaboration a lot trickier since someone’s inevitably going to have to go back and forth between the two — often by copying and pasting data.

Automation or integration?

Automation solutions like Zapier often use the word “integration” to describe the way they bring tools like HubSpot and Trello together. But it’s important to remember that Zapier automates certain actions, like pushing data from one tool to another or changing a single field. 

In contrast, an introduction truly closes the gap between your tools. It doesn’t just push data from one place to another, it automatically creates new work items and keeps them in sync. That means you can truly work from just one tool without worrying about what’s going on in the other. This is what an integration platform like Unito brings to the table.

3 workflows made better by integrating HubSpot and Trello

Integrating HubSpot and Trello can help streamline many different workflows, from teams like sales, marketing, and business operations. Here are three workflows that are completely transformed with the right integration between these two tools.

The cross-functional project workflow

This workflow typically involves collaborators from multiple teams, like sales and marketing. Because it crosses team boundaries, this workflow often involves more than one tool, too. That means you have collaborators driving towards the same goal who don’t even share a tool. This makes it hard to keep everyone on the same page, share updates, and collaborate. By integrating HubSpot with Trello, you can bring together multiple teams without anyone having to deal with a tool they don’t know.

The support ticket escalation workflow

Support ticket escalation happens when a customer support representative needs a bit of extra help to solve a customer’s problem. Usually, these tickets go to a software developer or a product manager, since they have the expertise to solve more technical problems. But customer-facing teams rarely use the same tools as the product team, meaning someone will eventually have to bring information out of their tool and send it through another channel. That costs productive time and manual effort.

The pre-sales support workflow

Sometimes, salespeople need a bit of backup to close a deal. Whether they need input from the legal team, collateral from marketers, or an answer to a technical question from the product team, they need that help quickly. But because HubSpot isn’t necessarily the tool of choice for these other teams, it means a simple request can take up a lot more time than it would if everyone were using the same tool.

How to integrate HubSpot with Trello using Unito

Unito is a powerful tool for connecting HubSpot and Trello. It allows users to easily sync tasks, projects, and data between the two apps without any manual effort. Here’s how easy it is to build your fist Unito flow between HubSpot and Trello.

  1. Step 1: Connect HubSpot and Trello with Unito

    You’ll also need to pick the Trello board and HubSpot organization you want to sync data between.A screenshot of the connect tools screen in Unito.

  2. Step 2: Set Up Your Rules

    Rules define how much data gets synced between HubSpot and Trello. For instance, you could create a rule that filters out all Trello cards with a specific label.A screenshot of Unito's rule screen, connecting HubSpot and Trello.

  3. Step 3: Map Your Fields

    By mapping fields across tools, you let Unito know where your data should go, even if it’s between completely different fields. Note that Unito can map similar fields for you automatically, but you might have to customize the ones that don’t already match up.A screenshot of Unito's mapping screen, connecting HubSpot with Trello.

And that’s it! Once you’ve mapped your fields, you can launch your Unito flow and watch as HubSpot deals and tasks are automatically synced with Trello cards.

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