Marc Boscher

Marc is the co-founder and CEO of Unito. He dropped out of university to join a dotcom startup, lived the highs and the low of the bubble, and kicked himself back to finish his degree. He was a founding team member of three other technology startups in the medical and digital signage spaces, leading product and technology, before landing on the concept that evolved into Unito. He has spent over 20 years in startups and wouldn’t give it up for the world.
A cloud dispensing various shapes to two people, representing two-way sync.

Two-Way Sync is the Future of Work: Here’s Why

The integration landscape is full of different tools trying to do essentially the same thing: streamline workflows and smash tool silos. Here’s our take on why two-way sync is your best option (and always will be).

transparency by default

How and Why to Embrace Transparency by Default

Here’s a quick look at how we implement transparency by default at Unito and how it impacts our business. These are ideas that any company can take away, implement, and adjust to their own realities.

Our Lean Management Process for Startups

The system works on 4 different levels: company goals, areas of responsibility, weekly sprints and daily scrums.

When Project Management Tools Break Down

There are hundreds of project management apps out there. And that’s without counting to-do apps or more general productivity apps that deal with projects. Although software to manage projects has existed for decades, there is […]

Launching GitHub Integration for Asana

We are taking a first bite out of the Collaboration Tool Conundrum with the launch of our Asana-GitHub integration. Let’s dive in! Asana & GitHub Issues Although you can use Asana for software development projects, it […]

The Collaboration Tool Conundrum

Is everyone in your team using the same collaboration toolset? How about within your organization? If you’ve answered yes to both questions, then you probably have one big system that does everything. But let me […]