Genevieve Michaels

Genevieve Michaels is a freelance writer based in Vancouver, Canada. She specializes in long-form content writing with a focus on B2B marketing, tech, and software. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Art History from the University of British Columbia. Prior to going freelance, she worked in communications and administration for visual arts organizations.
A group of people cheering, representing the all-hands meeting.

The All-Hands Meeting: What It Is and How To Do It Right

The all-hands meeting. Done right, it lets everyone know what’s going on with the business. Done wrong, it’s a bore. Here’s how to keep yours in the former category.

Swirls of vanilla and chocolate ice cream in a cone, representing application integration

What Is Application Integration and How Does It Work?

The right application integration keeps data flowing your software tools and closes the gap between your teams. But what is an integration? Are there multiple types? What will yours look like? Here’s all that and more.

A person surrounded by flaming documents, representing why projects fail.

5 Reasons Why Projects Fail (And How To Prevent Them)

Need to know why projects fail? Sometimes it’s a lack of planning, sometimes it’s an inability to adapt to an evolving reality. Here are five of the top reasons why projects fail (and what you can do about them).

A woman writing on a clipboard representing the project proposal blog post

What Is A Project Proposal? (And How To Write One)

Have a great idea for a project, but it needs to go through a few stakeholders first? That’s when you need a project proposal. Here’s how you can write your own.

Airtable logos, representing the Airtable alternatives blog post.

The Top 6 Alternatives to Airtable

Want a flexible spreadsheet tool that isn’t Airtable? Here’s our breakdown of the best alternatives to this popular tool, including Google Sheets, Notion, and more.

Three people rowing a boat together, representing customer support tools

The 7 Best Customer Support Tools

You can’t expect your customer support team to keep up their numbers with just email. Here are some of the tools you can use to give them a hand.

Logos for Microsoft Teams, representing the Microsoft Teams alternatives blog post.

The 5 Best Microsoft Teams Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to Microsoft Teams? Here’s a list of some of the best, including Slack, Zoom, and ClickUp.

Happy, indifferent, and crying faces, representing customer success

Customer Success: What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It

Customer success is how you keep your customers engaged from the onboarding session to their day-to-day use of your product. Here’s how it works.

A butterfly, representing the project life cycle.

What Is the Project Life Cycle?

The project life cycle tracks a project’s progress through planning, execution, and retrospective. Here’s everything you need to know.

A spreadsheet surrounded by blue symbols, representing the Google Sheets beginner's guide.

How To Use Google Sheets: A Guide for Complete Beginners

Need to learn how to use spreadsheets in a hurry? Here’s our full guide to Google Sheets including the interface, creating your first spreadsheet, and which formulas you should use.

An illustration of a remote, representing CRM integrations.

The 5 Integrations Your CRM Process Needs

CRM software is a storehouse of customer information. With the right CRM integration, you can get even more data — and close more deals.