Genevieve Michaels

Genevieve Michaels is a freelance writer based in Vancouver. She started her career in the contemporary art world, and now specializes in long-form content writing, with a focus on B2B tech and software. She's written for brands including Atlassian, Hootsuite, Trello, Shopify, Thinkific, and Hubspot.
Logos for ClickUp and Jira, representing a blog post comparing ClickUp vs. Jira.

ClickUp vs. Jira: Which Tool Is Best for Your Projects?

When comparing ClickUp vs. Jira, the work your team will do, the collaboration features you need, and the price will be big deciding factors. Here’s the full breakdown.

An illustration of two people flipping through Gantt chart templates.

13 Free Gantt Chart Templates for Google Sheets

Gantt charts are a great way to manage projects with a lot of dependencies, and these templates will help you get started on the right foot.

An illustration of a dashboard, representing a post about dashboard reporting.

What Is Dashboard Reporting?

With dashboard reporting, your teams can get real-time data on just about any part of their work. Here’s how.

A screenshot of an abacus with an upward arrow, representing marketing analytics.

Marketing Reporting: The KPIs and Tools You Need

Marketing reporting lets marketing teams use data to make better decisions, focus on the right initiatives, and get more results.

A screenshot of two people working at a desk, representing a project management consultant.

What Is a Project Management Consultant?

When you don’t have an in-house project manager, your team is used to managing projects themselves. But sometimes you need an expert. That’s when you bring in a project management consultant.

Logos for Airtable and Notion, representing a comparison of Airtable vs. Notion.

Airtable vs. Notion: Which Database Tool is Best for You?

When comparing Airtable and Notion, you need to know how big of a database you need and how customizable it has to be. Here’s the breakdown.

An illustration of a rocket in a snowglobe, representing the project management workflow.

What Is a Project Management Workflow?

A project management workflow is essential for keeping your projects in-scope and on-budget. Here’s how to build yours.

A rocket launching by someone with a laptop, represeting AI Marketing.

What is AI Marketing (And How to Get it Right)

AI marketing can cover a range of marketing tasks, from content strategy to SEO and running digital ads. Here’s what else it can do for you.

A screenshot of an abacus with an upward arrow, representing marketing analytics.

Marketing Data and Analytics 101

Through marketing analytics, marketers can track the performance of their campaigns and adjust their strategy. Here’s a breakdown of how that works, the metrics you’ll want to track, and some tools you can use.

Two people passing a folder across a balcony, representing cross-functional collaboration.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: What It Is and Why Your Team Needs It

Cross-functional collaboration brings in people from different teams to work on the same project, like designers, developers, marketers, and more. Here’s how it changes the game.

Logos for Google Sheets and Excel, around the word "vs." representing a blog post comparing google sheets vs. excel.

Google Sheets vs. Excel: Which Spreadsheet Tool is Best for You?

Every team needs a spreadsheet tool, but how are you supposed to pick between the two kings? Here’s our breakdown of the Google Sheets vs. Excel match up.