Genevieve Michaels

An illustration of a phone with logos of a number of note-taking apps.

The 7 Best Note-Taking Apps in 2021

Need to jot down an idea? Maybe you want to share notes with a collaborator? That’s where note-taking apps come in. Here are seven of the best.

An l-shaped tetris blog, representing the data extraction process

Everything You Need To Know About Data Extraction

Heard about data extraction, but you’re not sure what it is? Here’s our breakdown of the practice, the main challenges, and some tools that make it all easier.

An illustration of a frog eating a fly, representing the Eat the Frog productivity technique.

Eat the Frog: Get Your Most Difficult Work Done First

Mark Twain said that if it’s your job to eat a frog, best to do it first thing in the morning. And if you have to eat two, best start with the biggest one. Here’s what that means for your work.

Four puzzles pieces, which with a different graph on them, representing data integration.

Data Integration: What It Is and Why It Matters

For most people in your organization, data is as useful as it is difficult to use. With data integration, you can pull information from multiple sources and put it in one, easy-to-access place.

An hour glass sprouting a seedling, representing customer lifetime value

Customer Lifetime Value: What It Is and How It’s Calculated

By calculating customer lifetime value, you can determine which customers bring more revenue and decide how you should focus your marketing and customer acquisition efforts.

Two folders with documents flying between them, representing data migration

Data Migration: What It Is and Everything Else You Need to Know

Data migration covers the process of getting crucial data from one place to another. Find out how it’s done, as well as some common challenges you should be aware of.

A bar graph on a board, representing the progress report

How To Write a Progress Report (With a Free Template)

A progress report is how you let everyone else know what your team’s been up to. Learn more about what goes into writing a progress report and get a free template for writing your own.

A speedometer, representing the KPI

KPIs: What They Are and Why You Need Them

How do you know that you’re hitting your goals? Sometimes, you need some kind of metric to track progress. That’s what KPIs are for.

A vending machine, representing vendor management

What is Vendor Management?

All companies depend on vendors; providers who fill a certain need. Restaurants need suppliers for their ingredients like tech companies often rely on vendors for their infrastructure. Find out how these relationships can be managed.

A bicycle with square wheels, representing technical debt

How to Deal with Technical Debt: Tips and Strategies

Technical debt and financial debt are more similar than you might think. They can be built up in the same way, and the strategies for paying off debt tech are similar to what you’d see in finance. Here’s how it’s done.