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An illustration of a rocket in a snowglobe, representing the project management workflow.

What Is a Project Management Workflow?

A project management workflow is essential for keeping your projects in-scope and on-budget. Here’s how to build yours.

A robot reaching for a Microsoft Excel logo, representing ways to automate Excel.

5 Ways You Can Automate Excel and Streamline Your Workflows

Excel is a great tool for reporting and other tasks that rely on a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, it often comes with a lot of manual work. Here’s how you can automate away some of that elbow grease.

A woman putting cash into an atm, representing business process automation.

Get More From Every Workflow With Business Process Automation

With business process automation, you can use software to eliminate manual work, improve quality assurance, and a whole lot more. Here’s how it works.

A flow-chart, representing workflow management.

Workflow Management: What It Is and Why It Transforms Projects

Workflow management is how you keep your workflows productive and effective. Instead of letting your workflows run the show, you’re taking an active approaching in continually improving them. Here’s how it works.

A person aligning work in a flow chart, representing workflow management software.

6 Best Examples of Workflow Management Software

With workflow management software, you can turn ad-hoc work into devined processes that mean your projects succeed every time. Here are some of the best examples.

Logos for Slack and other work tools, representing the Slack workflow builder blog post

What Is the Slack Workflow Builder (And Is It Your Best Option)?

Slack’s Workflow Builder is just one of the many features that set it apart from other chat apps. But what does it do exactly? And is it your best option?

Logos for Zapier and Make

Integromat vs. Zapier: How Should You Automate Your Workflow?

Can your workflow survive without automation? Find out in this breakdown comparing Zapier and Integromat (now known as Make).

Icons floating around an open laptop, representing workflow automation.

The Beginner’s Guide to Workflow Automation

Every project you kick off comes with boring manual work that no one wants to do. But with workflow automation, that doesn’t have to be the norm. Here’s why.

A person climbing a bar graph, representing no-code workflow automation apps.

The 7 Best Examples of No-Code Workflow Automation Software

When you have a full tool stack, it can be tough to keep an eye on what’s going on. With no-code workflow automation tools, you can sync data across tools with little effort and no technical skills. Here are the best apps for doing that.

Logos for Zapier and IFTTT

IFTTT vs. Zapier: Which Solution Does Your Workflow Need?

Need to choose an automation solution? IFTTT and Zapier are two examples of “if this, then that” automations. Read on for a breakdown of their features, pricing, and more.

Optimize and Automate Workflows Using Unito’s Two-Way Sync for HubSpot

HubSpot is a great tool for customer-facing teams, but it doesn’t necessarily do the job for their collaborators. Here’s a breakdown of Unito’s HubSpot integration and how it can transform your workflows.