A smiling woman stands next to the words shape the flow of work
Unito Has Evolved! Introducing Our New Workflow Management Platform
A smiling woman stands next to the words shape the flow of work

Unito Has Evolved! Introducing Our New Workflow Management Platform

When Unito was created, we had one goal in mind: give people the opportunity to work from their favorite tools with the help of two-way integrations. That singular purpose offered us the opportunity to speak with countless knowledge workers and business leaders, to see how they work day in and day out. While these interactions helped us build the deepest integration tool on the market, it also brought to light that integration was only one piece of the puzzle. 

Visibility. Alignment. Collaboration. This is what people are craving, and the tools intended to help them work are often simultaneously part of the problem at the same time. 

Software is being adopted at unprecedented rates, especially in response to the global shift to remote work. Leaders are doing their best, but are often struggling to navigate the resulting mess of tasks and tools.

We wanted Unito to help people untangle that knot while empowering them to regain visibility, align teams, and shape the flow of work across tools. Which is why today we’re introducing a brand new workflow management platform.

From integration to workflow management

Unito’s integrations have always created a layer of connectivity between all the tools where work is already happening in your organization, allowing work data to flow seamlessly across them. Now we’re introducing a no-code, visual workflow designer that brings this control to every member of your organization.

An illustration of multiple blocks of work connected through Unito's workflow designer

In just a few clicks, you can map out exactly how you want your work to travel between tools. Lay out the blocks of work (projects, repos, boards, etc) to match your workflow. This could be a simple connection of two tools or a complex web of every tool in your business. Then, you get to set rules to define exactly how and what information flows between them.

With your workflow mapped out, watch data flow between your tools in real-time. 

An animation showing syncing of information between two work management tools

Finally, we’re working hard to improve how we share actionable insights and analytics at the workflow level, meaning across all of your apps. By breaking down tool barriers between teams, you can gain visibility into how your whole company works together.

The evolved Unito empowers you to

  • Ensure everyone in the business is aligned
  • Gain deeper visibility into the work of your teams
  • Save a ton of time and effort

New Monday.com, ClickUp, and Teamwork Integrations

We’re also extremely excited to share our three new integrations.

  • monday.com, the popular Work OS used by over 100k organizations worldwide
  • ClickUp, a rapidly-growing productivity and project management platform
  • Teamwork, a leading work and project management software

“Our partnership with Unito marks a significant milestone to monday.com’s customers,” said Amit Goldenberg, Head of Tech Partnerships at monday.com. “Now more than ever, working remotely has become a necessity that all companies must take on. The monday.com platform is one that helps facilitate this work, enabling transparency and fast decision making for any person in an organization by having all of the necessary knowledge for their role. Through our partnership with Unito, we’ve opened up new avenues to our customers to integrate, align their teams, and customize all workflows for their needs.”

We’ll continue to create more integrations based on the feedback of our users. If you have an integration in mind, please let us know.

A word from our CEO Marc Boscher