Logos for github and asana, representing Unito's Github-Asana integration
Upgrade Your Open Source Projects With Unito’s Asana-Github Integration
Logos for github and asana, representing Unito's Github-Asana integration

Upgrade Your Open Source Projects With Unito’s Asana-Github Integration

GitHub’s open-source projects are fertile ground for collaboration. Developers from all over the planet can work together on applications that transform industries and change the world. Whether they’re coding for a cause, creating solutions for an unrecognized need, or just having a good time, developers can make great things with open-source projects.

But if you’re channeling the power of these projects for your organization, you might be struggling to wrangle all these collaborators. Maybe you have stakeholders that need regular progress reports, or you need some way to manage multiple open-source projects. How can you even make sense of it all?

You can start by integrating GitHub with a project management tool like Asana. If you’re ready to get going you can follow this guide to sync GitHub and Asana with Unito.

A primer on Unito’s Asana-GitHub integration

Unito is a workflow management platform that gives your teams the ability to work from where they’re most comfortable. Individual collaborators don’t have to worry about switching tools, and leaders can get an eye on what’s important at a glance.

With Unito, you can make your tools play nice. GitHub issues and pull requests can become Asana tasks and vice-versa. Everything from comments to tags and assignees can be synced between these tools. With some of the deepest integrations on the market, you can manage the work of your teams no matter where it happens.

GitHub’s open-source projects can be synced with tools like Asana too, meaning you can collaborate with numerous anonymous developers as though they were working down the hall.

Why you want to integrate Asana with GitHub’s open source projects

If you’re a smaller team with fewer resources, having access to potentially hundreds of volunteer developers could be what your projects need to hit the finish line. Alternatively, there might be an inherent advantage to getting access to a wider variety of perspectives and contributors for your specific project.

But managing an open-source project creates certain challenges, mainly around visibility, velocity, and collaboration. Integrating Asana with your GitHub projects can solve many of these challenges:

  • Fast-track prioritization: When you’re getting GitHub issues from potentially hundreds of collaborators, it’s hard to sift through and find the ones that deserve the most attention. With Unito’s integration, you could use labels in GitHub to identify important issues and sync them over to Asana where they can be triaged and prioritized.
  • Visibility for stakeholders: Few stakeholders want to go through endless pull requests to see how things are coming along. When you integrate Asana with GitHub, you can filter information from your open source projects so stakeholders only see high-level updates.
  • Transparent communication: For the people who aren’t involved in the day-to-day work on GitHub, it can be tough to communicate with the rest of the team. Unito’s integration syncs comments across tools so that anyone can add crucial information to a task from the tool they love most.
  • Better multi-project management: Maybe you’re able to wrap your head around code from dozens of developers for a single open-source project. But when you’re dealing with multiple projects, suddenly you could be dealing with a deluge of GitHub issues. When you sync these projects with Asana, you can keep all high-priority information in one place, no matter which repo it comes from.

GitHub is a powerhouse when it comes to helping developers collaborate. But sometimes, your projects need a little PM help from another platform, or your PMs don’t want to leave their tool. Either way, you can get the best of both worlds when you integrate your tools.

Want to see what it looks like in action?

Unito’s Asana-GitHub integration in action

Here’s two of Unito’s product specialists showing you how developers could collaborate efficiently between GitHub and Asana:

Supercharge your GitHub projects

Open-source projects create truly transparent collaboration, often at the cost of organization and velocity. But when you use Unito to integrate these projects with a project management tool like Asana, you can get all the benefits of open-source projects without any of the drawbacks.

Learn more about Unito’s two-way Asana GitHub integration and get started today!