Jira Integration

Sync Jira with other work management tools to add some agility to your development workflow and ease cross-team collaboration.

Sync Jira with Asana

To better coordinate projects and issues, or provide other teams with visibility into progress on development requests.

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Sync Jira with GitHub

To seamlessly manage both version control and issue tracking from one place.

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Sync Jira with Trello

To better collaborate with non-dev teams, or to create a high-level roadmap of development projects.

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Thinking about syncing Jira? Choose your second tool to find out more.

Who uses

Unito and Jira

  • Developers who want to increase visibility into development progress.
  • Team leads who want to better organize development projects.
  • Sales and CS teams who need to stay updated on technical issues.

How does Unito work?

1. Select your tools

Select the tool you want to sync with Jira and authorize Unito to access both of them.

2. Add your filters

Add filters to specify the projects, issues, and other information you want to sync.

3. Map your fields

Map how that information is shared so it fits with your workflow.

How Jira and Unito can help you create a more efficient development workflow

As one of the earliest Agile-based project management tools, Jira was quickly adopted by development teams the world over. Today, it’s hard to imagine a developer who hasn’t, at some point, spent some time working in Jira. It’s nearly universal within the field. 

Outside of it? It’s almost universally misunderstood. Non-devs are often intimidated by Jira, which can make it tough when they need to be involved in a development project. But Unito allows them to stay in the tools they’re used to, from A(sana) to Z(endesk), while still providing feedback or other contributions required for the deliverable.

It also allows development teams to sync with other work management tools for their own purposes. This can be used to organize development projects more visually, create overview boards of work in progress, or provide more access to upper management.  


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