Trello is Ready for Enterprise & Large Teams with New Custom Fields + Unito

Trello is Ready for Enterprise & Large Teams with New Custom Fields + Unito

This blog post is a bit out of date. For the latest on how Enterprises can use Trello with Unito, check out our post here.

Trello’s new custom fields API brings the kind of power & flexibility that large teams need, especially when Trello & Unito work together. Now you can take the custom fields that any Trello powerup creates, and sync them to another tool, or sync any fields from other tools to Trello. This creates powerful new workflows like you’ve never seen before and use Trello as the hub for your team communications. Trello is ready for enterprise and large users now that there’s no limit to what you can share into Trello.

This is huge–or at least the organization which can use it are. The famously flexible platform will now be able to attach custom data to other tools via its API. This means that teams that need to define workflows between tools using fields like Milestones, Sprints, or any organization-specific workflow imaginable. Even if you’re not a huge organization, you’ll find a lot of value in being able to:

Use Trello as a hub to plan and track projects in multiple tools

If you enable the Custom Fields power-up in Trello, you can use Unito to sync custom field data between projects in Trello and projects in any other tools.  Using JIRA Milestones, Wrike effort estimations, or Asana task priorities? Now you can sync them to Trello! This ensures everyone on your team is on the same page about elements that really matter, regardless of what tool they use.  

Share key info from any powerup across your organization

Whether you’re sharing point estimations or syncing critical data between teams and updating your cards based on that information, Trello can be the hub of your company’s work when you enable custom fields and syncing.

Transform your company into a more agile team

The key element in good agile collaboration is quality communication. When your company can clearly communicate about strategic or tactical objectives and update other team members right in their work tracking tool, the quality of communication, clarity of responsibility, and overall speed of delivery increases.

Connect your Trello account to Unito today and check it out for yourself!