collaboration tools for marketing
The Best Collaboration Tools for Marketing Teams in 2023
collaboration tools for marketing

The Best Collaboration Tools for Marketing Teams in 2023

Call it teamwork. Call it synergy. Or call it symbiosis (actually, don’t call it that). Whatever you call it, collaboration is imperative for successful marketing teams. In a field where algorithms are changing as fast as the workforce (70% of you now work remotely, at least a few days a week), marketers need the support of colleagues across the organization in order to meet consumer expectations.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to marketing collaboration. Finding the right approach and processes is an exercise in iteration and testing. But no matter how you go about it, digital tools are going to be a major piece of the puzzle: 83% of employees depend on technology for collaboration

With that in mind, here are some of the best collaboration tools for marketing teams. 

5 marketing collaboration tools you should know


What’s collaboration without communication? Slack is known for quick, efficient, and organized instant messaging between teams. They give you what you need to communicate without unnecessary extras. Well… there are a few extras, but we think that gifs just add to Slack’s communication potential (and if you ever get lost in the noise, check out these tips to help keep you focused in Slack)

Slack also has features designed with collaboration in mind. Channels can bring cross-functional teams together for easier sharing of and discussion on all the nuts and bolts of a project. The threads feature also makes it soliciting and sharing feedback effortless, while keeping comments organized and out of people’s feeds. 

Box Notes

Real-time + organized notes = a marketer’s dream. Box Notes is a collaborative note-taking tool that is as slick as it is simple. With a similar interface to “Notes” on the iPhone, your team will be able to pick it up without any need for training. Ideal for everything from meeting notes to brainstorming sessions, some key features include having up to 20 collaborators on any note, dynamic commenting, embedding photos, and version control. 

What makes this different from Google Docs (another tried and true tool that tons of marketers love)? The main advantage of Box Notes is just how secure it is. Creator Box applies the same enterprise-grade security and compliance measures to these notes as it does to the files people store and share on its platform. With all the security required for most regulated industries, you can use Box Notes to discuss or work on private or sensitive projects without fear.


While marketers are intimately aware of the advantages of speaking to consumers through video and images (hi, yes have you heard of memes?), we often forget just how powerful they can be for communicating with colleagues. Enter Loom, a video recording platform that is so much more than just a screen capturing tool. Loom allows you to use record your screen, record your front-facing camera, and narrate videos — alone or together. 

Marketers will love it for communicating important team updates, delivering training or onboardings, or even to jazzing up proposals. What do you think will lead to more internal participation in marketing projects? A 40-slide deck, or a 2-minute video? We thought so. 


The granddaddy of collaboration, Asana reigns supreme when it comes to tackling complex projects (it handles day-to-day tasks like a dream, too). The project and goal management it offers will help you and your team track projects, manage deliverables, and stay aligned on priorities. That alignment is key: One study found that 97% of employees and executives believe a lack of alignment will negatively impact the outcome of a project. 

Bonus: Slack integrates with Asana, creating a powerful hub for marketers to communicate and manage work. 

Read up on some of our favorite tips for mastering Asana.


After sharing all of these amazing tools for marketers, we have a confession to make: tools are also one of the biggest blockers for marketing teams looking to collaborate. Huh? Let us explain. When you want a developer to help you on a website project, or a customer service team to provide you with amazing client testimonials, this often requires someone to leave the tool they know or love. Developers won’t be eager to work with you if assignments are coming in through email and they need to leave Jira to work on them. Customer service agents won’t be too keen to close Zendesk when tickets are flying in just to ping you quotes on Slack. And I’m sure your marketing team wouldn’t be so keen to spend a day in training trying to get onboarded on some other team’s tools.

Unito builds links between all of these collaboration tools, eliminating technology barriers to collaboration. Your marketers can work on a project in Asana or Trello while developers work on the SAME project in Jira and customer service agents work on the SAME project in Zendesk. The best part? All the connectedness happens behind the scenes so you get to focus on what you do best: cranking out winning campaigns with that big, marketing brain of yours.

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Now you can go to your next team meeting armed with the best collaboration tools for marketing. Break out the shoulder pads — you’ll need some extra protection for all of those pats on the back.