Alison Robins

Alison Robins is a seasoned B2B content marketing manager with expertise in all things workplace and teams. Having worked in the employee engagement business for 5 years, she has a knack for writing about team productivity, performance, collaboration, technology and the ever-changing landscape that is the future of work.
An illustration of a person holding a magnifying glass looking at speech bubbles representing lean project management.

What is Lean Project Management?

Lean project management means hitting your project’s goals while stripping out inefficient processes and other wasteful practices. Here’s how project managers can do it.

An illustration of a magnifying glass over computer files, representing master data management.

How Master Data Management Can Streamline Operations for All Teams

Master data management means having a single source of truth from which data flows to other platforms. Here’s why that’s important.

A person holding a trophy overhead, representing performance goals for employees.

How To Help Employees Set Performance Goals (And 3 Examples) 

As a manager, one of your most important responsibilities is helping guide your team as they grow. To do that, you have to help them set the right goals. Here’s how it’s done.

A flock of birds on wires, representing team kudos.

20 Examples of Team Kudos for Common Workplace Scenarios

Looking to show your team they’re appreciated? Here’s how you can keep your kudos relevant and impactful, along with a few examples you can use — we won’t tell anyone.

A person handing a full folder to another, representing the project status report.

What is a Project Status Report? (and How to Write One)

A project status report is essentially a quick check-in on a project’s progress. Here’s how you can create one, what the benefits are, and more.

The 5 Best Version Control Tools for Your Team’s Unique Needs

Your team needs a version control tool? Here’s a breakdown of some of the best platforms on the market, from Git to CVS, and Perforce Helix Core.

Version control blog header

Version Control 101: Here’s What You Need to Know

With version control, your teams can move quickly on software development without worrying about making lasting mistakes. Here’s how.

The ClickUp logo, between two electric plugs, representing ClickUp integrations.

The 7 Best ClickUp Integrations for Teams

Is your “one app to replace them all” still dependent on a loaded tool stack? Here are the top ClickUp integrations you need to streamline your workflows.