New Year, New Integrations: Take Back the Reins of Collaboration With Unito in 2021

New Year New Integrations

2020 had its load of challenges for productivity and collaboration. Like many other organizations, you might have been forced to suddenly adapt to remote work, scrambling to build the tech stack you needed to make it happen.

This difficult year brought more meetings, less collaboration, and reduced transparency as teams became locked in tool silos.

So what are your goals for 2021? Maybe you’re looking to scale the way your teams collaborate, get back visibility, or finally get a handle on the workflows that span your entire business.

Whatever your goal, here’s what Unito is doing to make true collaboration happen in 2021.

Add Airtable to your workflows

Many businesses are still using spreadsheets to record and track key information. They’re tried-and-true, and few tools can match them when building databases. But when you put important data in a spreadsheet, you’re locking it in a platform that doesn’t really play well with others, and it’s not very intuitive for new users.

So how do you go from your beloved spreadsheet to a tool that works for everyone?

That’s the challenge Airtable is rising up to. While Airtable’s bases have a lot in common with the trusty spreadsheet, they’re actually the basis of a low-code platform that’s incredibly flexible and powerful. People use Airtable in tons of ways, like storing data, building apps, even managing entire projects.

As our newest integration, you can now make use of Airtable in your Unito workflows. Find out what you can get out of our Airtable integration here. and ClickUp are bigger and better

Is part of your workflow? What about ClickUp? These integrations have been two of our most popular since they were added to our roster in 2020, and each one has just gotten a big upgrade:


ClickUp is freshly out of beta! You can now do everything you’d expect from a full integration, like signing up for Unito through ClickUp, enabling webhooks, and syncing more fields. To learn more, check out our Help Center article on this integration.

We’ve been working hard to make a powerful integration for your workflows. Our latest step in that direction is giving you the ability to sync assignees and comments to and from! Find out more on our Help Center.

Coming in 2021: Salesforce and ServiceNow

You made yourselves heard, and we listened! Salesforce and ServiceNow are officially on the roadmap for 2021. Sales and customer success teams have been locked in their tools for too long, and it’s time they get the benefits of true collaboration. We’ll be working hard on these integrations this year, and hope to have them available to you soon.

Find out the moment these integrations are live

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Take back the reins in 2021

New year, new integrations. In 2021, it’s time to take back control over your workflows, and empower everyone in your organization to achieve true collaboration. Ready to do some great things? Just log in to your Unito account and start getting the most out of your workflows now. Not a Unito user yet? Try it free for 14 days, no credit card required. Now onward to better things.