Asana Integration

Unlock new functionality and simplify team collaboration by syncing Asana with other work management tools.

Who Uses
Unito and Asana

  • Marketers working on projects touching multiple tools or clients.
  • Project managers who collaborate across teams and departments.
  • Managers looking to better organize incoming requests.

How Asana and Unito can help you be more productive:

Unito and Asana

Asana is an amazing organizational tool, helping people stay on task and hit their deadlines. But if you’re collaborating with another team, or even another company, there’s a good chance different tools will enter the equation.

Previously, this either pushed one team to switch tools and change their workflow or it forced everyone involved in a project to find other means of communicating — often through endless emails or meetings. Now, there’s a better way.

Maintain your productivity by syncing Asana with other work management tools. With Unito’s two-way sync, the same tasks, subtasks, and projects can be worked on in completely different tools. Communication and approvals can happen natively, and nobody needs to leave the tool they work in every day.

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