Weekly Team Update Template

If you have a weekly team update meeting, use this template to keep those updates in your work management tool. It gives everyone something to refer to, and it makes the updates available for anyone who wants to consult them. Replace each [Role X] entry with the name or title of a person on your team, and have them enter their update under it. When you have your team meeting, you can put this task up on a screen — or screen share it if you’re working remotely — so everyone can see the updates. This is a template you’ll want to keep handy to duplicate every week.

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Weekly Team Update - [date]


Strategic updates:

Add updates from the previous week worth mentioning to the team and/or company all hands

Keep it high-level (try to stay under 5 bullet points), if it's covered in another update, no need to repeat

Updates should be 5 minutes each MAX!

Team update:

[Role 1]

Your update goes here

[Role 2]

Your update goes here

[Role 3]

Your update goes here

[Role 4]

Your update goes here

[Role 5]

Your update goes here

[Role 6]

Your update goes here


  • If your work management tool allows you to tag users in a task’s description, tag each team member so they know when it’s time to contribute to the weekly team update
  • Note that some tools — like Asana — can be a bit finicky when multiple people edit the same description. Make sure your team communicates when they’re updating the task, otherwise someone might lose their extensive, well-written update.