Vendor Renewal Request Template

All organizations, big or small, need to rely on external vendors. That can mean everything from a cleaning service to an advertising agency. When a contract with a current vendor comes to an end, usually you'll want to take a pause before renewing their service. Did you use their service to its full potential? Do changes need to be made to their access or documentation? With this task template, you can standardize and centralize the vendor renewal process.

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New Vendor Approval Request


This task is used to renew a contract with an existing collaborator, vendor, or consultant. Please fill out the information below so we can properly evaluate and process your request.

Service Review: Have we been using this vendor's services to the fullest? Are we using all their services? Are there services that need to be added? Can some services be removed to cut costs?

Purpose: What have we used this vendor for?

Timeline: When is this vendor's contract up? Are we renewing right away or at a later date?

Documentation: What documentation does this vendor currently have access to? Do they need more documentation?

Access: What does this vendor currently have access to? Does this access need to continue? Do they need new access?

Other considerations: Anything you think you should add that can help.


  • If your work management tool of choice has a subtask feature, you could create a subtask for different aspects of a vendor's contract for additional transparency.
  • If you're using something like Smartsheet or Airtable, you can add a huge number of fields to cover different aspects of your current relationship with a vendor as well as expectations for future services.
  • No matter what work management tool you're using, it's a good idea to use a field to reflect how much a vendor is currently costing your organization.