Status Report Template

Need to keep stakeholders updated on how your project is going? With this template, you can leave your status reports directly in your work management tool of choice. Try to leave the reports in the same project as your tasks, but in a different column or section for clarity.

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[Project name] Status Report [date]


Quick summary of the project to date

Use this section to give a quick summary of how the project has gone before the time period this status report is meant to cover. If your tool supports it, use links to lead the reader back to previous reports.

Current state of the project

Keep this short and sweet. Is the project on track? Are you unsure? Or is it in trouble? Unito uses emojis to reflect this. Aim for that level of brevity.

Things that have gone well

Use this selection to celebrate some of the wins you’ve had since your last status report

Things that haven’t gone well

Address some of the blockers you’ve run into.

What we’ve learned

If you’ve changed processes to address blockers, mention it here

Budget status

Where are you at vs. the budget established at the start?


Are there problems you can foresee? Include them here.

Next status report date

Add the date of the next planned status report here


  • If your work management tool supports emojis, you can use them as a quick system for communicating confidence in deadlines, budgets, and more
  • If your work management tool of choice supports tags, labels, or the like, use them to clearly mark your status reports as such.