Roadmap Initiative

Whether you work in marketing, product, or any other team, you can use a roadmap to make your strategy concrete. That way, you can keep track of important initiatives as a team but also communicate them to the rest of the organization

Copy Task


[Initiative] high-level summary of your initiative



Responsible: person’s name here

Accountable: person’s name here

Supporting: person’s name here

Consulted: person’s name here

Informed: person’s name here

How does this contribute to our strategy?

See this less as a place to justify your contribution, but more so for people outside the team who want to understand how your work is helping overall strategy.


Use this as a catch-all section to add updates as this initiative moves towards its deadline.

Confidence in hitting the deadline?

Are you 100% convinced you’ll hit the deadline? Less so? Let us know here.


  • In tools that support rich text, you can use emojis to represent your deadline. For example, Unito uses a green apple to represent absolute confidence, a yellow banana to represent doubt, and a red tomato to show that the deadline probably won’t be hit
  • If your tool of choice supports labels, tags, or custom fields, you can replace some of the entries in the description by labels. For instance, if you do use emojis to represent confidence in deadlines, you can put them in a custom field
  • Use subtasks to show work that needs to happen to support the initiative. So a website launch, for example, could have subtasks representing design work, copywriting, and more.