New Vendor Request Template

All organizations, big or small, need to rely on external vendors. That can mean everything from a cleaning service to an advertising agency. Before you start using a vendor, you usually need to get approval from a few key stakeholders, such as the finance department and department heads. With this task template, you can standardize the approval request for a new vendor, and even centralize every step of the onboarding and approval process if your tool allows for subtasks.

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New Vendor Approval Request


This task is used to add a new collaborator, vendor, or consultant. Please fill out the information below so we can properly evaluate and process your request.

Purpose: Why do we need this vendor or collaborator?

Timeline: When would we start using this vendor and when would we stop? Is it a temporary contract?

Documentation: What documentation does this vendor need before we start working with them? For instance, a new lawyer may need access to work done by previous lawyers, contracts we've signed, and so on.

Access: Does this vendor need access to any software tools we use? Do they need physical access to one of our locations?

Other considerations: Anything you think you should add that can help our decision and onboarding process.


  • If your work management tool of choice has a subtask feature, you could create a subtask for each step of the vendor request process for additional transparency.
  • With tools like Trello and Asana that allow for custom fields, you can give more visibility on important aspects of vendor approval, such as the main reason why a request is denied.