Feature Request

If you’re constantly fielding feature requests from customers and the organization at large, having a template for them to use can streamline that workflow. Especially if you make sure people know their requests should go to a single location.

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[FEATURE] A high-level summary of the request



In a few sentences, describe the gap that your feature request would fill. Is it a completely new thing we need to be able to do? A quality of life improvement? Give us an idea of this here.

Proposed solution(s)

How are we going to fill that need? Avoid overly general statements like “Improve the UI.” What is the specific solution we could implement? For instance, “Add a calendar view to the task list” is an example of a specific solution.

Origin of the request

Did this request come from a conversation with a customer? Is it a problem someone in the organization noticed? Give us some context as to where this came from (if you have a link to the ticket or conversation this originated in, even better).


  • Tags, labels, and custom fields can be used to differentiate feature requests from each other. For instance, is the request about a UI or Quality of life issue? While this information should be in the description as well, using a label gives people the ability to see what a request is about at a glance.