Design Request Template

Are your designers inundated with requests? With this task template, you can centralize design requests and help your designers triage incoming requests.

This is best used with a dedicated Design Requests project in your work management tool of choice. The basic workflow would look like this:

  • The requester duplicates the template and enters the details of their request.
  • Someone on the design team reviews the request.
  • The request is assigned to the right designer.
  • That person evaluates the request and reaches out to the requester if they need additional information.

Copy Task


[DUPLICATE ME] Design request


Example time estimates for common design requests

Page design: 1-3 days

Ad design: 1-2 days

Collateral: 1-2 days

Design update: 5-8 hours

NOTE: Please include a due date. Use the square brackets in the task name to identify the channel your design request relates to, if any. For instance: [Help Center], [Website], or [Branding].

  1. Describe your request
  2. Why is this important? Who is impacted?
  3. How strict is your due date? Why?
  4. Is the completion of this task a blocker?
  5. Is there anything else we should know?


  • Some tools (like Jira), have a built-in priority field, while others (like Asana and Trello) will let you add it with custom fields. A priority field lets you better triage tasks.
  • A custom priority field should absolutely have High, Medium, and Low options. Consider adding ASAP and Quick Win as well.
  • If your task has a priority field, add this note at the end of your task’s description field: "Make sure to fill the priority field, or we’ll automatically relegate your task to the backlog. High means your request can potentially block another task or seriously affect customers or other teams. Medium means a task needs to get done, but won’t jeopardize anything anyone else is working on. Low means the task is borderline backlog-worthy. Mark a task as ASAP if it’s an emergency. Mark it is as a Quick-Win if it’s something you think we can achieve in a few minutes but that still has a reasonable impact."