Blog Post Template

If you’re running a blog, you have an editorial calendar, right? Right? If so, you need to populate it with items representing each blog post. Feel free to come back here every time you plan a new blog post or copy-paste this into your own template. Consider using a Kanban board in addition to your calendar in order to track progress on each blog post. Trello, Notion, and Asana are just a few tools that allow you to switch between both views.

Copy Task


[Blog post] Blog Post Title



If you had to sell this blog post to a publication in one sentence, how would you do it?

Basic outline

Limit yourself to the headline, lead, and high-level sub-heads. We just need an idea of...well the ideas your post will cover.

Design support needed

Do you just need a header, a couple of illustrations, or more involved support? Make sure to include that here.

Subject matter expert support

Are you writing about a topic you’re not too knowledgeable about? Can someone internally help you? Or do you have an external source you’ll reference?

SEO information

Is there a dedicated keyword you’re trying to hit? Any other SEO-specific information? Add it here.


  • You can use custom fields (or labels) to identify blog posts by theme or strategy. For the former, you could use a range of labels like productivity, workflows, human resources and so on. For strategy, that might look more like interview, SEO piece, thought leadership, etc
  • Subtask hierarchy can be incredibly useful for tracking work that needs to happen to get a blog post written and published. For instance, instead of a Kanban board, you can use subtasks to track where the blog post is at in the editorial process. For example, you can have subtasks for the first draft, the edits, and the published version. You can also have subtasks for everything that comes after publication, like social messaging, backlink promotion, and so on.