Stay on Top of Terminology With a Work Management Tool Lexicon

Workflow management tool terminology lexicon

Trello. Asana. Jira. Zendesk. There are so many amazing work management tools on the market today, it can be hard to keep track. You have a favorite tool, but so does every employee, team, and department in your business. And the same applies to every partner or client you work with.

That’s why Unito exists — to prevent tools from getting in the way of collaboration. We sync the most widely-used tools so everyone can continue to work where they’re comfortable without keeping information siloed.

When working with people in other tools, one of the main challenges is language. What you call a card they might call a task. A project at your workplace could be a repo at your client’s company. All of these different terms can quickly become confusing, especially as the tools pile up. 

To create clarity and help you collaborate across teams, we’ve created this handy work management tool lexicon. 

Click here to download the image file.

The lexicon covers our 13 integrations but it will be updated as we add more tools to our roster. 

Print it out and tape it to the wall or Slack it to your entire organization so that everyone’s on the same page.