Sync Tickets From Zendesk to Your Project Management Tool With Unito

Sync Zendesk to Trello, Asana, and other project management tools with Unito

Fact: Zendesk is the bread and butter of customer service teams around the world. When it comes to other departments? Not so much. As soon as a ticket requires the involvement of another team within the business, that issue starts a new life outside of Zendesk that can feel hard to control.

Maintain visibility into your tickets, keep things organized, and better collaborate with other teams by syncing Zendesk with the project management tools your coworkers know and love, including:

These syncs allow you to share key information back and forth between the tools in the formats you’re used to. They can be initiated manually when a ticket comes in or created automatically based on certain criteria that you choose.

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Simplify cross-team collaboration for customer service

Imagine you get an email from a top client identifying a bug in your product. You can flag that ticket as urgent, and Unito will automatically sync that ticket with Jira, creating an issue your developers can address. Without delay, the sync transfers information like ticket status, due dates, custom fields, priorities, and internal notes/comments. And any change to this information in one tool is instantly reflected on the ticket within the other tool.

As a result, your customer service team will be able to follow the developers’ progress on the bug, so they can keep clients posted and share the good news as soon as the issue is resolved — all of this without ever leaving Zendesk!

How to sync Zendesk with project management tools through Unito

  • Step 2: Once your account is set up, select the type of sync you want to build. Mirror sync is the standard tool-to-tool sync.
  • Step 3: Next, choose Zendesk and the other tool you want to sync it with. Specify the type of sync and any filters or specifications you want to include, and you’re off to the races.

Tip: Create a “test” group in Zendesk containing fake tickets and connect it to a “test” project in the tool of your choice. Then play around with the syncs until you find the workflow that’s right for you, then roll it out to your active tickets.

Find more information on setting up a Zendesk sync (or any sync with Unito) in our knowledge base.

Zendesk sync is included in our current Unito plans at no extra cost.