Asana Tips and Tricks: Stay Efficient with Quick Add

As a manager, you may need to assign numerous Asana tasks, with little time to do so. At times, you might want to create a task (or project, or conversation) on the go via mobile. Or you might want to save time by doing so from any webpage, without having to actually open Asana. You might also prefer not to open Asana all-together, and assign tasks via email.

Fortunately all of that is possible with some Asana tips and tricks: the handy Quick Add feature. Keep reading this step-by-step guide to learn how to make the most of it.



How to Make a Quick Add

To use Quick Add, click the “+” button on the top pane. Here, you’ll be able to create a task, conversation, project, or invite people. To create a task, simply select “Task” on the dropdown menu.

Next, specify the assignee, choose a project name, add a task name and details.  


How to Make a Quick Add From Mobile

Imagine you’re on your way to a meeting, and want to quickly add a task from your phone.

Anytime you’re away from your desktop, you can add tasks from any mobile device. This is one of our favourite Asana tips and tricks, and here’s how to do it:


Quick Add on iOS


  1. Press the Quick add or  “+” button on the bottom pane.


  1. Choose task, project, or conversation (for this example, we created a task).


  1. Next, specify the assignee, task name, and task description.


Quick Add on Android


Quick Add on Android is just as easy:


  1. Tap the + button to create a project, conversation, or task.

  1. Specify the assignee,task name, and task description.

How to Make a Quick Add From Any Web Page


One of the perks to using Asana is that you can assign tasks from any webpage using Asana’s Chrome extension. This saves you the hassle of opening and closing the Asana page, and of logging in and out.


Once installed, you can create a task by typing “Alt + Shift + A” on Windows or “Option + Shift + A” on Mac. Next, choose a workspace, add task details, and choose a person to assign it to. What a time-saver!


How to Make a Quick Add From Email

If you want to communicate with team members via email, you can create tasks and conversations simply by sending emails to Asana.

To create a task  in your My Tasks list, send an email to [email protected]

To create a task in a project l, send an email to [email protected] Simply include the project ID, which is  the list of numbers in the project’s URL. This is where it’s located in the  URL (in bold):

For example, if your project’s ID is 519244302791808, you would send  an email to [email protected] to add a task to that project.

To add a task assignee, include the assignee’s email address next to the project ID email address, in the To field. To add a task follower, CC their email address. The task name is the email subject, the task description is the email body, and the task attachments are the email’s attachments.  

Once you’re done, hit send!


Do you have any other Asana tips and tricks you love? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @unitoio!