Jira Service Management Integration

Sync Jira Service Management with other work management tools to build better IT and support workflows across your organization.

Who Uses
Unito and Jira Service Management

  • IT professionals who want to better manage incoming tickets and requests.
  • Customer support teams working in technology-driven businesses.
  • Sales and marketing teams who need support on technical issues or projects.

How Jira Service Management and Unito can increase the speed and efficiency of your IT workflows:

Unito and Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management is an invaluable tool for IT and support teams, providing all of the features they need to tackle tickets from within and outside your organization. This includes request management functionality — to triage and handle the multitude of requests coming from other teams each day — and incident management functionality — for when inevitable technical problems arise.

As a service team, your IT team is inherently collaborative. They spend their time interacting with people in need. Most of those people will not be working in Jira Service Management, however. Previously, this meant the person with the request, the professional dealing with it, or both of them had to leave their tools in order to collaborate, often resorting to email or meetings.

With Unito, you can build an IT and support workflow that crosses tools and teams. The people working in Jira Service Management can triage requests, deal with issues, provide status updates and progress reports, and communicate with coworkers, clients, or other stakeholders without ever leaving the tool. Increase the efficiency of your team without sacrificing collaboration.

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