Katie Fritz

Katie is a freelancer and cook living on the west coast. She's been writing for 10 years on topics ranging from tech to feminist theory. Katie loves mountain biking, her dog, coffee, wizness, and clothes.
How to use Basecamp

How to Use Basecamp Like a Pro

From the “campfire” chat, itemized to-do lists, and a space to organize shared files, Basecamp offers an elegant, simple solution for project management.

Habits of productive people

Common Habits of Productive People and How to Harness Them

A new study out of MIT reveals “clusters” of habits that make an individual truly productive. Discover these habits and learn how to embrace them.

The distinction between productivity and production

The Important Distinction Between Productivity and Production

At work, we often confuse production with productivity. Churning out work = sign of a great employee. But being too beholden to your task list threatens the true efficiency of your team.

Terrible Collaboration Advice and What to Do Instead

Terrible Collaboration Advice and What to Do Instead

The internet is polluted with really, really terrible collaboration advice. From choosing leaders to setting limits, here’s what you should actually do.

new job

How to Be Productive as You Start a New Job

Rather than focus on grinding numbers and pitching concepts, the best approach to being productive as you start a new job is to listen and listen closely.

Tools for Freelancers

6 of the Best Tools for Freelancers

We’ve compiled a list of the best tools for freelancers to help you track time, be productive, and stay happy.

Productivity tips for remote workers

Productivity Tips for Remote Workers

Working remotely takes strategy and discipline. To help combat the pitfalls, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of productivity tips for remote workers.

Collaboration tips for remote workers

Top Collaboration Tips For Remote Workers

Working remotely might make your team more productive, but it can also make collaboration a challenge. These tips will help.