Build powerful Azure DevOps workflows

Build powerful two-way workflows between the Azure DevOps projects you use to track and manage issues and the non-technical tools of other teams and collaborators within your business.

This is a beta integration, which means we only cover certain Azure DevOps fields for the time being. Discover exactly what fields you can sync and learn more about this integration on our help center.

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Unito syncs the following Microsoft Azure DevOps fields

Microsoft Azure DevOps field One-way icon: info Two-way icon: info
Assignee icon: info Supported Supported
Updated at icon: info Supported
Comment icon: info Supported Supported
Created at icon: info Supported
Description icon: info Supported Supported
Target date icon: info Supported Supported
State icon: info Supported Supported
Title icon: info Supported Supported
Link to issue icon: info Supported
Work item type icon: info Supported Supported

"Finally a platform that delivers sophisticated two-way sync between DevOps, Jira, Git, Trello, and Airtable. Keeping PM and dev tools in sync is a major hassle and Unito takes the pain away from the process. Before discovering Unito I'd tried to use tools like Zapier and Power Automate to do the job but they're only really good for a one way integration unless you start chaining them together and trying to manage consistency."

Ryan Duguid , Product Leader - Microsoft Regional Director

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